Easily control internet use

The SureFox industrial browser offers several measures for efficient internet use. It allows you to easily provide secure and task-oriented internet access on your mobile computers.

SureFox Application

Permitted or blocked websites are clearly managed in white and black lists. Certain pages, such as internal web applications, can be called up automatically when the SureFox browser is started or stored as a fixed shortcut on the customisable start screen.

It's just as easy to prevent downloads of content that may be dangerous to security or to change settings.

SureFox is available for devices with the Android, Windows and iOS operating systems.


Efficient internet use on Android, Windows and iOS devices
Simple installation and configuration
Can be combined with Enterprise Mobility Management

Suitable mobile devices

Datalogic Memor 10

Universally usable

Datalogic Memor 20

With 5.7 inch screen ready for the biggest challenges

Datalogic Skorpio X5

Ergonomic and powerful

Denso BHT-M60

Everything under control thanks to particularly ergonomic design

Denso BHT-M80

Superior scanning properties with exceptional robustness