Barcotec mCloud
Enterprise Mobility Management (MDM, EMM, UEM)

Enterprise Mobility & Mobile Device Management

The number of (mobile) devices and IOT/edge devices in companies is increasing almost daily. The Barcotec mCloud helps you to centrally configure, manage and secure the multitude of various devices and their different operating systems. With the mCloud, a complex IT landscape becomes clear and easy to control.

Operating systems compatible with mCloud

Both the integration of existing and newly acquired devices is comprehensively supported - and the best thing about it: you do not have to integrate everything by yourself. The Barcotec MDM team with its experts advises and supports you in configuring your mCloud as simply as possible and automating it for ongoing operation.

In addition, with the Barcotec mCloud you receive continuous or live information about the status of your IT landscape and you are able to plan app updates, configuration or user right changes in advance. Furthermore, you can access your devices remotely at any time if necessary and provide direct support in case of any issues.

The most important information about the mCloud:

Supported operating systems: Windows, Android, iOS/macOS, Linux, wearOS, Chrome OS, AR/VR
Endpoints are, for example, smartphones, tablets, PCs/laptops, scanners, wearables and edge and IOT devices (printers, controllers, etc.).
High security through DSGVO-compliant hosting by Barcotec in Austria
Two clear licensing models: "Standard" for simple administration including kiosk mode. "Enterprise" for full in-depth administration including all available modules. Mixed operation and upgrade from Standard to Enterprise possible at any time.
Local and direct support from MDM specialists at Barcotec
Barcotec mCloud

The most important functionalities:

  • Simply schedule "jobs" and roll them out to the devices (also time-delayed): Installing and updating apps, kiosk mode for secured operation, changing Wi-Fi connections and certificates, firmware updates, content management and much more.

  • With the help of the kiosk mode, you can determine which access to the devices is allowed for the user. For example, you can control which apps or Bluetooth can be used or whether the USB port can be used.

  • Remote access to the units for direct live support/troubleshooting

  • Live access to information such as battery life, Wi-Fi signal strength and all device parameters (serial number, Mac address, firmware versions, logged-in users,...)

  • User rights can be adjusted at any time

  • Remote deletion of data etc. in case of unauthorised access, loss or theft of the device

Your advantages:

A browser-based web console for all devices (laptop, tablet, smartphone,...) and all common operating systems
Individually configurable monitoring and reporting via e-mail; various alerts can be created - you do not have to be logged in to the platform all the time
Clear pricing and easy expansion of device licences
Expansion of the number of units or the portfolio via click
No app store (no Gmail, Microsoft or ITunes account) necessary
Freely available APIs to other systems
Professional services by our specialised MDM team: setup, staging, configuration of devices and training for your IT

With mCloud, you focus on the "Ease of Use" for your employees right from the start and your IT department has an in-depth management option for the devices.
This means that you have a secure IT infrastructure for office and hybrid workplaces or for pure home offices that functions according to your company guidelines. Regardless of where your employees are located.

And we provide you with comprehensive support: from the configuration to the roll-out of the devices as well as for the ongoing operation, we are available to you with our MDM specialists.

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