Real-Time Location System

Simply increase efficiency and safety

With a Real-Time Location System (RTLS) you capture the location and movements of products, pallets and vehicles in real time. The precise tracking using UWB radio technology and the flexible software of the system open up numerous new application possibilities.

For example, you can use it to find components faster in production, speed up work processes in the warehouse or increase security in sensitive areas. This RTLS is already in use at several international companies, including Volkswagen, Budweiser and Edeka.

Real-Time Location System Application


Targeted navigation

In production, real-time localisation of parts and vehicles enables numerous efficiency gains. Similar to GPS navigation in cars or trucks, the fastest route to the next task can be displayed on forklift terminals, and free parking spaces and possible travel obstructions can also be seen immediately. This not only makes journeys more efficient, your employees also avoid time-consuming and error-prone coordination processes.

Accelerate processes

The optimal design and use of warehouses becomes much easier with the use of a real-time location system. The summarised tracking data of products, containers and vehicles offer reliable answers to important questions of intralogistics: Where and when do delays occur, are the routes to the goods and other destinations efficient, are the work processes and existing operating resources well coordinated?

Increase safety

Inform your employees in real time about dangers and access restrictions. With RTLS movement data and geofencing, for example, forklift trucks can be specifically alerted to temporary speed limits. Or unauthorised employees are automatically prompted to leave a sensitive area.

Real-Time Location System Anchor

Advantages of UWB radio technology

Real-Time Location Tracking with UWB (Ultra-Wideband) offers a unique combination of accurate capture and long range, the position is captured up to 100 times per second with an accuracy of 30 cm, from a distance of up to 150 metres.

Other advantages over systems that work with WLAN, Bluetooth or RFID are the low power consumption of the transmitters, the insensitivity to other radio networks and the practically unlimited scalability of the system.

Real-Time Location System Tags

The right components for every application

The hardware of the RTLS system consists of robust tags, which are attached to the objects to be tracked, and permanently installed anchors for receiving and forwarding the data transmitted by the tags.

We offer tags for a wide range of applications: from the compact button cell model to the larger version with external power supply. For a clear view of the objects to be tracked, the 360° OmniRange Anchor is ideal; targeted tracking is achieved with the directional high-performance model.

All components can be freely combined with each other and the maximum number of tags and anchors used is practically unlimited.

Flexible data connections

To make the integration into your existing IT systems as efficient as possible, all tracking data is collected and processed by a central server application. This information can be easily retrieved via REST, websockets or UPD Stream and used in suitable software.

The configuration and maintenance of the entire system is done in a clear web application, with just a few clicks you can check the status of the tags and anchors or adjust specific settings.

Our experts will be happy to explain the system to you directly on site