Datalogic PowerScan 9600

Resilient flexibility

The Datalogic PowerScan 9600 industrial scanner is designed for the toughest environments. Rugged yet manageable, the PowerScan 9600's balanced weight distribution allows for a natural posture when scanning bar codes. The numerous model variants and modular accessories ensure perfect adaptation to the area of application.

From up to 2 meters, the Datalogic PowerScan 9600 quickly and accurately captures bar codes, from the proven EAN code to invisible Digimarc bar codes. In addition to the Standard Range version, which is suitable for most applications, the High Performance version can scan high-density codes, and the Document Capture version facilitates document capture with a wide reading angle.

Both target detection and bar code scanning feedback are optimized for use in warehouses and manufacturing floors. White illumination provides optimal contrast ratios, and the new Frame Aimer ensures accurate aiming. With a patented Green Spot directly on the code, two Good Read LEDs on the device and beeper and vibration, the PowerScan 9600 provides clear feedback in all environments.

Whether wired or wireless, the devices in the PowerScan 9600 series can be connected via all common industry standards, including Profinet. A special highlight are the devices with the Datalogic STAR wireless system: no interference with existing networks, up to 16 devices on one docking station and 200 meters wireless range. The modular docking station of the wireless models allows an easy and cost-efficient change of the network module.

IP65 and IP67 ratings mean the Datalogic scanner can even be submerged in 1 meter of water without damage. Even falls from 2.5 meters cannot harm the PowerScan 9600. These optimal conditions for outdoor use are completed by the temperature insensitivity. Wireless Charging minimizes the maintenance effort of the wireless models, as no contacts need to be cleaned or replaced.


Readable codes: 1D, 2D, Post, Stack, Digimarc
Reading distance: Contact - 2 m
Targeting: LED area marker
Feedback: LEDs, green spot, beeper and vibration
Connectivity: USB, USB-C, RS-232, Ethernet, Profi Net, Keyboard Wedge, Datalogic STAR
Additional features: Photo function
Keyboard (Wireless models): 4 / 16 keys configurable 
Battery (Wireless models): 80,000 scans, wireless charging
Protection: IP67 and IP65, 5000 drops from 1 meter, up to 2.5 drop resistant
Operating temperature: -20 - 50 °C
Dimensions: 190 x 79 x 140 mm
Weight: 318 g

Optional accessories



Wall mount




2- / 4-fold battery charger

2-fold battery charger extension

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