High security through individual marking

With individually created barcode labels and reliable barcode scanners, safety can be significantly increased in hospitals, laboratories and the pharmaceutical industry: through the clear labelling and digital recording of samples, medicines and treatments, errors are minimised and processes standardised.

Special laboratory labels and powerful laboratory printers replace handwritten markings. The labels and the printing process are selected according to the planned area of application. In addition to individual dimensions and shapes, particularly durable adhesion of the laboratory labels to glass, plastic and metal is possible, as is resistance to deep-freeze temperatures or solvents.

Basically, all high-quality barcode scanners can be thoroughly cleaned without damage. Special devices for the healthcare sector also have antimicrobial additives and can also be treated with aggressive disinfectants.

Suitable products

Citizen CL-E321 & CL-E332

Label printing made easy

Datalogic Gryphon I GPS4400 2D

Compact presentation scanner

Zebra TC53 & TC58

Latest hardware for the next step

Zebra ZD400 Series

Future-proof functionality

Zebra ZD600 Series

Maximum performance in a small format

Zebra ZQ600 Series

The fast all-rounder

Your benefits

Improved processes through reliable labelling
Demand-driven deployment for cost efficiency
High safety with disinfectable devices
Completely new processes due to innovative technology
Robust and durable devices with efficient maintenance
Barcotec 360°

Implementing digitisation pragmatically

Your vision is always at the centre of our work. With our decades of expertise, our contacts to international technology partners and the necessary dash of innovation and curiosity, we bring your project to life.

Whether you want to print labels, capture barcodes on the move or use a wearable system - you've come to the right place.




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Mobile Devices

Mobile Devices

High performance and robustness for continuous professional use
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For high-performance processes and efficient use of resources
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