RFID readers and transponders

Current RFID readers can offer decisive efficiency advantages in all industries and sectors. Handy readers facilitate the capture of non-packaged products such as clothing, while stationary devices can completely redesign automated processes.

Compact RFID readers, barcode scanner combinations and high-speed RFID sleds
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From simple RFID labels to robust RFID industrial transponders
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Denso SP1

High-Speed UHF RFID Scanner

Datalogic 2128P

Highest precision

Zebra RFD90

Extremely robust for demanding environments

Feig ID PRH Serie

Unerring handiness

Feig ECCO Optimo, Lite und +

Compact barcode and RFID scanner

Feig HyWEAR compact

Barcode and RFID Wearable Scanner

Denso SE1

Simply scan barcodes and RFID tags

Datalogic DLR-BT001

Practical pocket reader with UHF RFID technology

Feig Scanndy

Data capture in small format

Denso BHT-1200 RFID

High RFID reading performance even at greater distances