Innovative from the ordering of goods to the checkout scanner

Barcodes and modern mobile devices provide retailers of all sizes with decisive advantages - from transparent goods receipt at specialised retailers to effective omnichannel at international chains.

For all applications, the reliable capture of barcodes is crucial. For this purpose, current mobile and stationary barcode scanners have advanced scan engines: neither fast movements during scanning, nor damaged EAN codes or reflective mobile phone displays can impair the reading process. Powerful processors and network components ensure that data is processed without delay. And all these improvements are protected by ergonomic and very resistant housings.

Mobile computers with the Android operating system offer numerous innovative application possibilities in addition to optimal scanning performance. With VoIP voice telephony and secure chat apps, employees can coordinate easily. Interactive apps enable mobile queries and entries in real time, ideal for omnichannel measures such as click and collect. And with the high-resolution cameras of the mobile computers, processes can be easily documented. To ensure that these new functions are also available securely, a central mobile device management system protects the devices against unauthorised actions and provides a central overview at all times.

Your benefits

Reliable barcode scanning for effective work
Modern devices for ease of use
Solutions for the entire flow of goods from a single source
Up-to-date software and features with many application possibilities
Innovative technologies for new processes
Barcotec 360°

Our products and services

In addition to a wide range of barcode scanners and RFID hardware, we also offer software solutions for MDM and data capture. With our decades of expertise, our contacts to international technology partners and the necessary dash of innovative power, we bring your project to life - individual service tailored to your business.


During the evaluation phase, Barcotec proved its competence through its extensive consulting know-how, which also consisted of rejecting unrealistic requests. We are very happy to have implemented the project with Barcotec.
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