Clear data for workshop, transport and construction site

Mobile computers and barcode scanners that always function optimally under rough operating conditions, such as in workshops or on construction sites, not only ensure that schedules are adhered to. Such rugged devices also reduce total costs of ownership - through minimal downtime, targeted service and long-term availability of spare parts.

Rugged mobile computers and industrial label printers can greatly simplify resource planning in workshops and warehouses. Consumables, spare parts and tools are marked with resistant barcode labels, from then on every change in stock can be recorded digitally by a simple scanning process. Special software such as easyMITS enables flexible connection to higher-level IT systems.

So that work processes can be controlled in real time on extensive construction sites, the majority of the current rugged devices have a mobile phone data connection. The perfect coordination of just-in-time deliveries, for example for asphalt, is thus easily possible: Particularly robust barcode scanners are used for the digital recording of delivery notes, status and feedback are displayed on extremely vibration-resistant terminals directly in the construction vehicle.

Your benefits

Transparent data in real time for processes according to plan
Resilient devices for all applications
Up-to-date software and features with many application possibilities
Secure capture of a wide range of mark-up types
Durable devices with efficient maintenance
Barcotec 360°

Our products and services

In addition to a wide range of barcode scanners and RFID hardware, we also offer software solutions for MDM and data capture. With our decades of expertise, our contacts to international technology partners and the necessary dash of innovative power, we bring your project to life - individual service tailored to your business.