Seamless logistics chains

Neither rain, sub-zero temperatures nor falling down can harm modern mobile computers for the transport and logistics sector. Mobile radio, intuitive operation thanks to the Android operating system and powerful barcode scanning engines enable the seamless recording and processing of all logistics processes - from loading and unloading to real-time tracking and confirmation of receipt.

The mobile computers also offer the functions of a normal Android smartphone. To ensure that phone calls, chats and photos are always secure and manageable, the devices can be equipped with optional device management.

But not only the digital capture of barcodes is crucial for efficient transport and logistics processes. Equally important are optimally readable and resistant barcode labels. With suitable label software and professional label printers, even a large number of individual labels can be reliably created within a very short time.

Suitable products

Citizen CL-S700II Serie

Industrial printer with small footprint

Datalogic PowerScan 9500 AR

Whether 15 centimetres or 20 metres - reliably scan barcodes from any distance

Datalogic Skorpio X5

Ergonomic and powerful

Denso BHT-1700

Large screen and easy-to-grip keyboard

Denso BHT-M70

Fastest barcode scanning and communication

Denso BHT-M80

Superior scanning properties with exceptional robustness

M3 Mobile US20

Full equipment - compact dimensions

ProGlove Mark 2

The wearable scanner for Industry 4.0 applications

Zebra MC3300x

Diverse models for every area of application

Zebra RFD90

Extremely robust for demanding environments

Zebra TC53 & TC58

Latest hardware for the next step

Zebra ZQ600 Series

The fast all-rounder

Your benefits

Latest technologies for seamless data connection
Resilient devices for all applications
Up-to-date software and features with many application possibilities
Reliable barcode scanning for effective operations
Transparent data in real time for processes according to plan
Barcotec 360°

Implementing digitisation pragmatically

Your vision is always at the centre of our work. With our decades of expertise, our contacts to international technology partners and the necessary dash of innovation and curiosity, we bring your project to life.

Whether you want to print labels, capture barcodes on the move or use a wearable system - you've come to the right place.




For the perfect capture and clear labelling of your products
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Mobile Devices

Mobile Devices

High performance and robustness for continuous professional use
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For high-performance processes and efficient use of resources
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Experience and innovation for optimal performance
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The simple and seamless tracking of the parcel life cycle enables us to optimally fulfil the high requirements of our client. The simple communication also prevents unnecessary complaints and ultimately costs.
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