Barcotec stands for innovative hardware paired with professional device management and a service all-round package.

Barcotec Management and Team
Barcotec Managing Director Alexander Rainsberger
Barcotec Team
Barcotec Team

About us

Founded in 1989 in the heart of Europe (Salzburg), Barcotec provides regional and international companies and institutions with innovative hardware, a device management cloud and a complete service package for optimising mobile work processes.

Barcotec helps agile companies to gain a competitive advantage by using technological tools for the design of digital work processes in production, logistics, trade, field service and healthcare.

As your "Digital Enabling Partner", you benefit from our extensive know-how in the areas of

  • Identification technology (barcode, RF-ID, voice),
  • Professional, industrial-grade hardware from international market leaders,
  • Wearables (smart glasses, wearable scanners),
  • Device management (Unified Endpoint Management, Mobile Device Management),
  • Communication systems (Bluetooth, narrowband radio, WLAN and WAN) and
  • Software integration with your higher-level ERP and merchandise management systems

As the operator of a certified private cloud solution within Europe for professional mobile device management, you have a regional partner for your solution and the highest possible security for the introduction, integration and operation of your project.

Our international trend scouting ensures you a knowledge advantage at the highest level and provides you with the latest international products.

Barcotec directly represents international market leaders such as Denso, Datalogic, RealWear, Zebra, Advantech, Citizen and Vuzix. The selection of our suppliers is based on technology and sustainability-oriented aspects.

The service centres we manage in Austria (manufacturer-certified) carry out work with minimum lead times and original spare parts, thus ensuring the smooth operation of your solution throughout its entire service life.

Vision & Mission

Barcotec is your reliable and professional partner for the most innovative solutions for the digitalisation of your work processes.

We put the know-how of our team at the service of your vision and actively support you in its implementation. Your satisfaction as a customer is our primary goal and the motivation and motive for our actions.

The skills, knowledge and enthusiasm of our team are decisive for the success of our company.

Our maxim is: "No customer, employee or partner should ever regret having worked with Barcotec".

So far, we supply customers in the following countries:

Austria, United Arab Emirates, Australia, Belarus, Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Brazil, Switzerland, China, Czech Republic, Germany, Denmark, Ecuador, Spain, Estonia, Finland, France, Greece, Greenland, Croatia, Hungary, India, Iran, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Kenya, Korea, Libya, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Latvia, Moldova, Mexico, Malaysia, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Slovenia, Serbia, Slovakia, Sweden, Thailand, Turkey, United Kingdom, Ukraine, United States of America, South Africa.

More to follow ...

Code of Conduct

Since 1989, Barcotec has established itself as a market leader in the Austrian market - not only with its excellent products, but also with its dedicated and motivated team. We often hear from customers that they feel that "Barcotec blood" flows in the veins of our employees. This is outstanding praise for our team and our efforts.

Our guiding principle "No customer, no employee and no partner should ever regret having worked with Barcotec" was formulated by CEO Alexander Rainsberger in 2003 and shapes our daily actions.


Alexander Rainsberger
"Use and benefit from Barcotec know-how. My expert team of Enterprise Mobility Engineers with decades of experience and access to an immense knowledge database from almost 35 years of market activity and with international contacts is available to you as an external expert team. Feel free to access this know-how."

Alexander Rainsberger / Managing Director

Manuela Hagenauer, MBA
"We see it as our duty to familiarise you with the latest technologies and trends in a timely manner so that you remain well informed. This way, you have the right partner and can make informed decisions and implement projects in an agile yet reliable manner. We understand partnership as the elementary foundation of a successful cooperation."

Manuela Hagenauer, MBA / Executive Board Strategy | International Accounts

Alexander Humer, MSC
"Every investment must pay off so that the solution can also bring the desired success in business terms. Based on our experience, we can already show you the desired effects in a well-founded manner during the evaluation phase."

Alexander Humer, MSC / Executive Board Sales and Marketing | Area Management Vienna, Lower Austria and Burgenland

DI Andreas Ruckhofer
"Great care must be taken when choosing the right hardware, which makes it one of the keys to success. The productivity of the right device in the right place is crucial to whether employees enjoy working with it and work well with it. Factors such as usability, robustness and connectivity to the prevailing IT system are just some of the points to consider. We are happy to help with the selection and can accompany you in this process."

DI Andreas Ruckhofer / Area management Carinthia, Salzburg, Tyrol and Vorarlberg

Ing. Claus Tschepper
"It is important to me to carry out a profound analysis of your actual situation before submitting an offer. Our know-how from several thousand customer projects leads to an individual, customised solution and to the quick success of your upcoming project."

Ing. Claus Tschepper / Area Management Upper Austria and Lower Austria North

Michael Hofstätter, MBA
"We create a customised offer, prepared by experts, of all the necessary components from the hardware to the final service. This means that in addition to the consulting service, you also have the partner at hand who will put what is promised into practice."

Michael Hofstätter, MBA / Area Management Styria and Key Accounts

More than 30 years of experience

The history of Barcotec is characterised by a multitude of innovations that have resulted either from the requirements of our customers or from developments of related manufacturers (for example Denso as the inventor of the QR code).

The high level of technical expertise coupled with innovative intrepidity and reliability in implementation have made us a favoured partner of our customers for decades. 

Here is an overview of the biggest milestones:

Bester Lieferant für Datenerfassung

Bester Lieferant für Datenerfassung

Das Österreichische Gallup-Institut hat uns erneut zum „Besten Lieferanten für Datenerfassung“ gekürt.
Neues Büro in Wien

Neues Büro in Wien

Über mehr Platz, die urbane Lage und gute Verkehrsanbindung freut sich nicht nur unser bestehendes Team, der neue Standort ist auch Startpunkt für einen weiteren Ausbau unserer Dienstleistungen.
The MDM Cloud receives an award from the Ministry of Digitalisation

The MDM Cloud receives an award from the Ministry of Digitalisation

The "Ö-Cloud" seal of approval certifies our "m-Cloud" as a secure unified endpoint management system with 70 additional security criteria.
Smart Fridge wins multiple awards

Smart Fridge wins multiple awards

Our intelligent refrigerator is awarded, among others, the "Top Supplier Retail Award" of the EHI Retail Institute in the category "Best AI & Robotics Application".
HMT-1 data glasses conquer Europe

HMT-1 data glasses conquer Europe

Realwear appoints Barcotec as their very first distributor for the Central European region and awards the title "Master Distributor", allowing the Head Mounted Tablet to start its triumphal march through our region.
Pager solution "Groundcontrol" is rolled out

Pager solution "Groundcontrol" is rolled out

The innovative pager solution is being rolled out for the first time. It makes it easier for hauliers to reach cross docking stations for pick-ups.
Photo function for easyMITS

Photo function for easyMITS

The popular connectivity software "easyMITS" is extended by the photo function. It is now possible to attach a picture document to orders.
"Combi Cam" is created

"Combi Cam" is created

Combi Cam" is created for quality assurance of goods in shipping. Mobile terminals trigger cameras that take pictures of the finished collis from all sides before the truck is loaded.
Mobile Device Verwaltungssoftware "C5" entsteht

Mobile Device Verwaltungssoftware "C5" entsteht

Mobile device management software "C5" is created
Birth of "easyMITS" Mobile Interface to Servers

Birth of "easyMITS" Mobile Interface to Servers

The connection of mobile clients to ERP systems is in its infancy at this point. We are developing generic software that can directly access existing data and display it on the mobile device's screen.
Comprehensive 2D code project is implemented

Comprehensive 2D code project is implemented

In Siegendorf, Burgenland, we realised one of the largest 2D projects of the year. Stationary and mobile data matrix recording was implemented on the basis of directly used codes (direct part marking).
Radio data transmission is implemented in the warehouse for the first time

Radio data transmission is implemented in the warehouse for the first time

At a time when the term "Wifi" had not yet been born, we realised the first project for connecting mobile clients via radio data transmission in the central warehouse of a large retailer. The new "frequency hopping" technology enabled friction-free data transmission.
Founding of Barcotec

Founding of Barcotec

In March 1989, DI Olaf Kerp founded the first specialised provider of barcode automation and mobile data capture - BARCOTEC - in Anif near Salzburg.