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BARCOTEC - Your digital enabling specialist.

Barcotec, as "your digital enabling specialist", is the central-european provider of technologies, hardware, services and solutions for auto-id, enterprise mobility and professional terminals, wearables and printers. Established 1989, the company is recognized as a leading supplier representing global market leaders such as Denso, Datalogic, realwear, Citizen, etc. In-house, manufacturer-authorized service centers in Vienna and Salzburg ensure fulfillment and assistance to customers across Europe in retail, logistics, manufacturing, healthcare and heavy industries with optimized operations and minimal lead times.

Mobile computers and MDE terminals with long scanning ranges offer decisive advantages in many areas of logistics. Whether scanning from a forklift or capturing individual barcodes directly in the high rack, long range barcode scanners speed up many tasks and make some processes possible in the first place.

As your independent Auto-ID supplier, we have compared the most popular logistics terminals with long range scan engines for you. Get the overview now.

The Datalogic Skorpio X5 mobile computer impresses with its ergonomic design and powerful hardware. Multiple scan engine and keyboard options allow the robust device to be precisely tailored to the area of application, whether in the warehouse, on the shop floor or in retail.

With the intuitive and completely hands-free HMT-1 data glasses, you always have both hands free for your tasks and access to information and communication at the same time. Ideal for remote maintenance, digital assistance and logistics.

Barcotec is RealWear "Master Value Added Distributor" since 2017.

With a future-proof overall solution from Barcotec, the Vorarlberg-based premium bicycle manufacturer Simplon is coping with the sharp increase in demand over the past year. Production and logistics data are digitally recorded with the robust Denso BHT-1700 and transmitted directly to the central SAP system via the flexible easyMITS connectivity app.

We are direct importer for this manufacturer:

  • Denso
  • Datalogic
  • realwear
  • feig
  • M3