Transparent capture of the entire flow of goods

From goods receipt to returns - barcode scanners and mobile computers simplify and speed up warehouse management in all areas.

Barcodes in combination with warehouse management software have been used in warehouse logistics for several decades. Tasks such as picking, stock transfers and dispatch preparation become digital processes with the simple scan of a barcode. Instead of recording each step on paper, this automatically creates a digital entry instantly and without error.

Compared to early solutions, the current devices offer numerous advantages: Mobile computers with integrated barcode scanners are as easy to use as a normal smartphone thanks to the Android operating system. With long-range scanners, barcodes on shelf labels can also be scanned directly from the forklift truck. And mobile label printers allow targeted and thus economical on-demand printing of barcodes with current data from warehouse management.

Your benefits

Accelerated flow of goods due to modern devices
Reliable barcode scanning for effective operations
Robust and durable devices with efficient maintenance
Ergonomic, with intuitive operation for fatigue-free scanning
Flexible data connection and system integration
Barcotec 360°

Our products and services

In addition to a wide range of barcode scanners and RFID hardware, we also offer software solutions for MDM and data capture. With our decades of expertise, our contacts to international technology partners and the necessary dash of innovative power, we bring your project to life - individual service tailored to your business.


It was important for us to get everything from a single source and to find a partner who would also stand by us after the purchase! Barcotec has become a reliable partner for us that I would recommend without reservation - and the system anyway!
Betonwerk Rieder