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Whether it's cost-effective paper labels, acid-resistant polyester nameplates or washable acetate silk labels, we offer a wide range of readily available standard products and customised bespoke products.

Our experts will advise you on the right combination of labels, ribbon and label printer to ensure you get the best results from the first print.

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Label rolls

Label selection guide


The size of the labels can be determined by several factors, which also influence each other.

Barcode type

Specifications from partners in your supply chain and industry standards on code type, size and positioning should always be used as a starting point for your considerations. If you are only using the codes for internal purposes, the amount of data you want to write in the barcode is crucial for the selection.

You can find extensive information on the common 1D and 2D codes on the website of our partner GS1 Austria.

Additional elements

You can then decide whether, in addition to barcodes, further information in plain text, symbols or logos should be printed on the label. To ensure optimum reading performance, you should always ensure that minimum distances are maintained between barcodes and other elements.

Label printer

One of the critical limits on label size is the minimum and maximum media or printing width of your label printers. Keep in mind that they can also rotate the printout 90 degrees and print multiple labels side by side.

Barcode scanner

Use test prints and scans from different angles, distances and lighting conditions to check the practicality of your design.

Delivery times and costs

Labels in stock with standard dimensions (e.g. a width of 25, 50 or 100 mm) can be delivered promptly. For individual dimensions and shapes, a die-cutting mould will be produced once. In addition to the slightly higher costs this entails, you must also reckon with longer delivery times.


The desired duration of use and resistance to external influences such as light, water and temperature are decisive factors in the selection of the appropriate material.


Paper labels can be printed using thermodirect or thermotransfer methods. Direct thermal printing is cost-effective, but is more suitable for shorter periods of use due to its sensitivity to light.

Self-dissolving labels

Made of special paper, these labels, including the adhesive, dissolve in water without leaving any residue.

Polyethylene (PE) / Polypropylene (PP)

PE and PP labels are ideal for labelling packaging such as plastic bags, because they are easy to recycle if they are of the same type as the packaging. They are resistant to water, oil and cleaning agents.


Labels made of soft PVC are used, for example, as weatherproof adhesive labels for outdoor applications, and sturdy hard PVC are used as tags.


Polyester labels are characterised by particularly high mechanical and chemical resistance and are the right choice for long-term labelling such as type plates.


Flexible and very tear-resistant for mechanically demanding applications such as airline luggage tags.


Carpets, mattresses and other flexible fabric products can be marked quickly and permanently with labels made from acetate silk and a strong adhesive. Fabric tape labels are sewn directly into the product to be marked without the need for adhesive.


As with the material, the desired duration of use and resistance are important when choosing the right adhesive - from quickly removable and food-safe to durable and protected against sub-zero temperatures.

In addition, you should consider the material to be glued and the surface finish.

Blank or printed

In addition to blank labels, we also offer individually printed labels, for example with your logo, consecutively numbered barcodes or individual data records.

Quantity and shelf life

You get the ideal combination of cost efficiency and optimal label properties when you order a year's supply.

Barcotec in the field

Carinthian start-up SLEEP TIDY operates cleaning trucks with special labels, printer and data acquisition system from Barcotec

Carinthian start-up SLEEP TIDY operates cleaning trucks with special labels, printer and data acquisition system from Barcotec