Print labels reliably

We supply the right ribbon for practically every label material and application area as well as numerous label printer models. In addition to various lengths and widths, as well as internally and externally coated ribbons, you can choose between three quality levels of colour:

Thermal transfer ribbons
Wax tape

The affordable solution for labelling with low demands on smudge and scratch resistance. Wax ribbons are ideal for printing on uncoated paper labels and high printing speeds.

Wax/resin ribbon

Printing with wax/resin ribbons is durable and resistant to mechanical abrasion. Paper labels with a coated surface produced with these ribbons are suitable for a wide range of applications.

Resin ribbon

For labels that need to withstand harsh conditions over long periods of time, resin ribbons are the right choice. Printed at lower speeds, resin labels can also be used outdoors.