Supply bottleneck - not for all

The current chip shortage is currently forcing many manufacturers into delivery bottlenecks of up to 30 weeks. This in turn means that in many areas such as logistics, production, retail and many more, there are not enough devices available to maintain daily scanning operations. A return to analog working is often unthinkable, as data flows have to be maintained. But not all manufacturers are equally hard hit by this. For example, DENSO, Japanese producer of mobile terminals and scanners and inventor of numerous technology milestones, is not currently experiencing any supply problems.

Alexander Rainsberger

Alexander Rainsberger, CEO and managing partner of Barcotec, the Austrian market leader for auto-ID terminals and wearables, on the current supply situation and why certain manufacturers are not currently experiencing availability problems.

1. Why is Barcotec not affected by the supply bottleneck with Denso?

The very high degree of vertical integration within the Denso/Toyota Group and the associated independence from external supply chains is now making itself felt. Although it has not always been considered modern, this resilience is now a plus.

2. Why do you consider Denso's products to be of such high quality?

The 100% quality controls at every stage of manufacturing and the real-life philosophy of continuous improvement ensure that no customer ever becomes an unwilling beta tester.

3. Why should customers evaluate Denso for projects?

If the past few years of surprising crises have taught us one thing, it is to reflect on stability and sustainability in our business activities. Both have always been in the DNA of the Japanese Denso Group, and its products for professional enterprise mobility demonstrate this a thousand times over in years of hard use.

4. How does Barcotec work with Denso?

The world's first scanner integrated into a mobile terminal, the first radio data transmission terminal, the CCD element as the forerunner of our digital cameras, the QR code, the reading of clear text by means of a barcode scanner (aka OCR), etc. - we have had the privilege of introducing so many innovative solutions to the market with Denso in now over 30 years. To be the first again and again with high quality and without a lot of hoopla - that's fun and benefits our customers!