Datalogic Magellan 3510HSi & 3550HSi

Low space requirement - highest performance

The Datalogic Magellan 3510HSi and 3550HSi built-in scanners impress with their powerful scanning technology and robust design. As checkout scanners in retail or for capturing products in service centres - the compact devices are ideal for all applications with high scanning frequency and little available space.

The innovative image processing technology of the Datalogic Magellan 3510HSi / 3550HSi recognises 1D, 2D and Digimarc codes particularly quickly in both sweeping and presentation scanning. Even very small codes or codes displayed on a mobile phone are reliably and accurately recognised. The 3550HSi model offers a further increase in detection speed for very high scanning volumes.

The large reading area and the quiet adaptive lighting without flickering or reflections ensure pleasant working conditions. With the additionally available Customer Service Scanner, customer cards and coupons can be scanned by the customers themselves for even more efficient processes. Maximum reliability is achieved through the use of stainless steel, scratch-resistant sapphire glass and robust electronics. As the Datalogic Magellan 3510HSi / 3550HSi has no moving components, the built-in scanner is particularly quiet in operation.

A wide range of connection options and the comprehensive software equipment ensure easy installation and commissioning. The Datalogic Magellan 3510HSi / 3550HSi is compatible with most Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) systems, so tags are reliably deactivated only after scanning. The built-in scanner can also be flexibly managed with a remote management system.


Readable codes: 1D, 2D, stack, Digimarc
Reading height: 10.2 cm
Ambient light: 0 to 86,100 lux
Illumination: Multiple diffused LEDs
Feedback: LED, beeper, speaker (3550HSi)
Additional features: USB auxiliary, image capture, Micro SD card slot
Connectivity: USB Keyboard, USB COM, OEM USB, RS-232, RS-232 Diebold-Nixdorf Beetle
Power supply: AC: 100-240 V, DC: 5-12 V, 5V USB-A
Protection: IP52
Operating temperature: 10 - 40 °C
Dimensions (W x L x H): 15.2 x 15.2 x 8.7 cm
Weight: 0.98 kg

Optional accessories

Mounting frame

Mounting frame with accessories for Magellan HS1250 cut-out

Customer Service Scanner

Item image available

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