Floor storage labelling

Extremely tough

This robust floor marking is ideal for heavy use, e.g. forklift traffic. It is also possible to recess the barcode labels into the warehouse floor.

Storage labelling floor front view

Structure and properties

  • Printing process: Extremely durable due to back printing, scratch and smudge resistant as the barcode is protected by the polycarbonate film. Coloured logos, fonts, graphics or photos possible.
  • Base material: Polycarbonate (0.25 mm)
  • Adhesive: HU-W
  • Liner: approx. 0.069 mm
  • Thickness of the label (without liner): approx. 0.412 mm
  • Due to the strength and tear resistance of the material, the labels can also be stapled.

For the labelling of

Storage shelves
Floor storage labelling application
Floor storage labelling side view
Side view
Floor storage labelling Structure