Feig Scanndy
No longer available! We recommend: Feig ECCO Optimo, Lite und +

Data capture in small format

The design of the SCANNDY is geared towards maximum flexibility and high user comfort. The wide range of accessories opens up various application possibilities. The charging and communication units are characterised by their multifunctional use. Communication between the cradle and SCANNDY can take place via Bluetooth. All variants can also be equipped with Bluetooth or cable (PS2, RS232, USB). In addition to the built-in battery, another external battery can be charged in parallel.

SCANNDY makes stocktaking easy. Read in stock with the SCANNDY via a barcode, enter quantity and storage location if required, transfer data to the computer via USB and process in a programme. Up to 100,000 captures per run and the uncomplicated handling of hardware and software make the SCANNDY the optimal solution.

The particularly stable design of the cradle for the Gun version enables a presentation mode. In presentation mode, the scanner in the station faces the user so that barcodes or transponders to be read can be presented to the reading head. Cleverly, in this working position, the display is rotated by 180°, which enables reading in line with the process. In this position, the SCANNDY also automatically triggers the reading process without contact.

Healthcare and hospital logistics

Cost reduction and patient safety are just some of the tasks that can be solved by using mobile data capture with the multi-talented SCANNDY. The combination of handy barcode and RFID reader enables the secure identification of medication and patient. The online capability via radio enables continuous comparison with patient, administrative and medical data and thus increases the security and reliability of sensitive processes. In the "Medical" version, MiniScan has an antibacterial coated housing.


only 102 g
1D Laser scanner: Class 1, Opticon
2D Imager: CMOS
2 MB / 8 MB flash memory
ergonomic design
OLED colour display
170° reading angle
Communication: Bluetooth Class I
available with or without handle
Keyboard: optionally without keys, with 7 or 19 keys
Temperature: -20°C to +50°C

Optional accessories


Belt clip


Item image available

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