Datalogic CODiScan
Datalogic CODiScan
Small and lightweight for optimum ergonomics
Flexible attachment (back of hand cuff, lanyard, reel)
Up to 1.5 m scanning range with intelligent targeting system 
Battery for up to 2 work shifts
Modular design for easy cleaning

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The innovative Datalogic CODiScan revolutionizes the barcode scanning process by eliminating time-consuming intermediate steps. Compared to conventional handheld scanners, which have to be picked up and put down, the back-of-hand scanner allows users to lift up to 1.5 tons less during a shift.

Thanks to its intelligent aiming system and extensive feedback system, including highly visible LEDs and Datalogic's exclusive Green Spot, the CODiScan enables fast and accurate scanning. The mid-range model offers a scanning range of up to 1.5 meters, while the standard model is optimized for direct barcode scanning. The device scans 1D and 2D barcodes and can also take photos for documentation.

The scanner also offers flexible carrying options: it can be held in the hand, worn around the neck or attached to a belt. The hand trigger has a modular design and is adaptable for both the right and left hand. The electronic components are encased in a washable fabric that can be detached and cleaned if necessary or replaced by reusing the system. The CODiScan can be used for up to 16 hours on a single charge of just two hours.

Integration with existing systems is facilitated by the Datalogic Aladdin™ software suite, which enables seamless pairing with any Android™ mobile computer via the Aladdin app. This combination supports easy pairing, firmware updates and customization of main parameters and symbology settings. In addition, the CODiScan can optimize workflows through the use of a gateway that connects to a PC or to the cloud via Wi-Fi for even more efficient data processing and management.

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Optional accessories

Hand Trigger



Charging cable

2-fold charging station, modularly expandable

12-way charging station

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