Zebra TC73 & TC78
Zebra TC73/TC78 Front view
Extreme robustness and performance for demanding applications
6-inch display and short app loading times for modern applications
Barcode scanning from up to 12 metres away
Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and the latest generation of mobile radio for fast data transfer
Optional accessories to extend functionality (brackets, head sets and handles)

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Zebra TC73 & TC78

Extremely robust and powerful, the Zebra TC73/TC78 guarantees optimal operations even in the most demanding use. With its 6-inch display and short app loading times, the mobile computer is ideal for modern applications. And of course, the TC73/78 is also convincing when it comes to barcode scanning - from up to 12 meters away.

Voice, video and augmented realityThe 90% faster hardware and software of the Zebra TC73/78 delivers the necessary performance for state-of-the-art information and communication apps. Whether for crystal clear voice calls, thanks to noise cancellation and the latest HD Voice standards. Or shake-free HD videos for video calls and documentation. Even augmented reality applications become practical with the TC73/78 and can modernize processes decisively: instead of manually measuring parcels for calculating shipping costs, the device records the dimensions completely automatically using the Time of Flight Sensor and shows them directly on the display.

Running several demanding apps simultaneously is no problem for the Zebra TC73/78. To ensure that the data flow to IT systems and the community never gets bogged down, the device has WLAN, Bluetooth and mobile communications (TC78) of the latest generation, with much more stable and faster connections.

Convenient operationThe TC73/TC78 is lighter and 20% thinner than the previous model. The user-friendly shape and button layout make it possible to work fatigue-free even over long periods of time. Scrolling and zooming to see information better is a thing of the past with the 28% larger, high brightness display. The device is also even more robust and can be used in all situations without worry: it can withstand up to 2000 drops and can even be dropped from over 3 meters onto concrete without damage.

Several battery variants allow the device to be precisely matched to the area of use. For example, the TC73/78 with wireless charging battery is also powered in vehicles without any pins or cables. The sealed battery compartment allows battery changes without shutting down the device, even in heavy rain.

Barcode scanning from up to 12 m2 scan engines are available: the model for standard distances up to 60 cm impresses with high movement tolerance and a large reading range. The SE55 1D/2D Advanced Range Scan Engine captures bar codes from up to 12 m, allowing markings in high racks to be scanned directly from the floor or vehicle. Both scanners operate quickly and reliably in virtually all environments and lighting conditions. The functionality of the Zebra TC73/78 can be extended with optional accessories, such as mounts, head sets and handles, for a wide variety of purposes.

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Optional accessories

1-fold charging station (device + spare battery)

4+4 charging station

5-fold charging station

4-fold battery charging station

Div. batteries

Div. power and connection cables

USB to Ethernet Module Kit

Div. vehicle mounts (with wireless charging)

Div. headsets

Div. holsters and holders

Stylus pen

Handle with electronic trigger

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