Denso develops QR codes for the blockchain
QR code for blockchain applications

Blockchain is known as the basis for cryptocurrencies and NFTs, but the technology also offers exciting opportunities in areas such as logistics. Our partner Denso is using it to develop a concrete solution for the seamless and transparent traceability of physical products. The development team drew on an in-house invention, the proven and globally used QR code.

Basically, the current status of the product is recorded on an easy-to-generate QR code and simultaneously entered in a tamper-proof blockchain. Through this chain of hash values, all steps in the processing and logistics chain can be traced without gaps. This linking of physical products with blockchain technology is made possible by several innovations: For example, additional information for authorized users can be written on the multicolor QR codes, but the codes remain readable for all common barcode scanners.

You can find all the details about the possibilities of this new technology in the interview with several members of the development team: