Take your easyMITS installation to the next level now - without much effort

Increased performance and fundamentally new technology - with the new easyMITS 5 connectivity software you are ideally equipped for current and future data capture tasks.

Denso BHT-1200 - Denso BHT-1700

As an existing customer, you can now easily upgrade to the new OS platform. Your advantages are:

  • When the first WinCE terminal breaks and you want to switch to Android, your new easyMITS is already ready (= quick start into a new technology).
  • Your existing processes remain intact and are also displayed on the new hardware (= upward and downward compatible - investment protection).
  • You do not need a long preparation time and do not have to request months of change requests (= resource-saving).
  • Your former expenditure remains protected because you can continue to use what you have set up so far without any problems (= a simple extension of the existing solution).
  • The changeover can be made quickly and requires only a small amount of time. Our team installs the new software and you are "ready4Android". With this, easyMITS shows once again what it is: namely easy!

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