As you make your bed, so you lie in it - First Europe-wide "easyMITS application" with 30 mobile Barcotec units at ADA Polstermöbel

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As you make your bed, so you lie in it - First Europe-wide "easyMITS application" with 30 mobile Barcotec units at ADA Polstermöbel

The easyMITS connectivity software developed by the Austrian specialist for mobile data capture and barcode automation Barcotec is used by furniture manufacturer ADA to handle warehouse processes.

ADA produces upholstered furniture, beds, mattresses and slatted frames. The headquarters are located in Anger, Styria. With locations in Hungary (Körmend and Nova) and Romania, ADA employs more than 1,600 people. ADA's customers - distribution is organised indirectly via retail chains - include not only the major European furniture stores but even customers from Dubai.

ADA's competitive advantage in the market is determined by reliability, flexibility and sophisticated logistics, which ensure that short delivery deadlines can be met.

Sophisticated logistics

To support the logistics process, ADA has now invested in a radio data transmission system with a direct connection to Barcotec's databases, which enables the warehouse staff to carry out movements in the warehouse online and directly in the system. This gives ADA even more accuracy, transparency and flexibility.

We keep up to 10,000 different individual parts in our warehouse," explains Paier from the IT team. "As early as 2005, we started sounding out suppliers on the market, and through the discussions we kept discovering new potential for optimising our processes with an online system," he discusses further.

PPS project manager Pammer adds: "Since 100% illumination is not possible everywhere due to structural conditions (room height), it was clear to us from that point on that we needed an online/offline system."

ADA's investments in Hungary then allowed the project to start much earlier than expected. With the opening of the new plant (Nova), action had to be taken and ADA chose the "easyMITS" system from Barcotec.

The right decision

Purchaser Haindl, when asked what reasons led to the decision in favour of Barcotec: "We were most attracted to "easyMITS" because, on the one hand, it is a ready-made solution, but the relevant sub-areas are so variable that our in-house IT team can do things themselves." Furthermore, he says: "This open software is unique on the market and offers an excellent price/performance ratio. All other providers would have created customised software and every change would have cost money again, from the workshop to the specifications to the programming and acceptance. We wanted to spare ourselves that."

Barcotec's project manager is pleased: "The ADA team was extremely interested and taught themselves how to configure the software because it was very logically structured. For us, in turn, this was confirmation that we are on exactly the right track with "easyMITS": Our customers can change processes independently and without our intervention, just as the market demands."

ADA employee Paier adds: "We just have the claim in house that we want to understand all the software and hardware operated by us."

Today, in Anger/Stkm. as well as Körmend and Nova/Hungary, 30 BHT-400 mobile terminals from DENSO are running with "easyMITS" client software, which exchanges each booking directly with the ADA database in bidirectional communication via radio access point based on the 802.11b standard.

Warehouse processes such as stocktaking, storage, transfer, retrieval and allocation to order production are carried out fully automatically and in real time. The "easyMITS" software is operated at each location and standardises all processes across countries. A further rollout for Romania is imminent.

For the application outside in the warehouse, the goal was clear: the processes and entries had to be displayed so simply and clearly that the employees on site have as little data entry effort as possible. This was further justified with fewer errors.

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ADA Möbelfabrik Storage facilities
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The advantage decides

The 5 main advantages after implementation of the system are:

  • The online capture creates transparency, but it is possible to work offline in warehouse areas without radio coverage at any time.
  • This results in the further advantage that in the event of network disruptions (lines to Hungary or Romania), work can continue in all other production facilities.
  • The connection to the ERP system is fully integrated, all barcode bookings are made directly in the system and are thus immediately available to all ADA employees. "Thus, the mobile user is the extended arm of the ERP system, so to speak," says Paier.
  • Thanks to barcode automation and online verification, the bookings are entered into the ERP system without errors. "This has also changed our article master data and its up-to-dateness for the better," comments Paier.
  • Working without documents saves a lot of post-processing and correction work.
  • In conclusion, Paier says: "The tedious paperwork in our warehouses is a thing of the past thanks to "easyMITS" and with our modern radio data transmission solution we can fulfil our core competence - to deliver on time and reliably - much better." "At Barcotec, the service and implementation of the project by the executing staff can be rated as "Very Good". They always had an open ear for new ideas and we really got what we wanted on time and on budget," concludes the project team, satisfied and in unison.