Support of the ASFINAG archive system with RFID technology from Barcotec

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Support of the ASFINAG archive system with RFID technology from Barcotec

The Autobahnen- und Schnellstraßen-Finanzierungs-Aktiengesellschaft (ASFINAG) uses a mobile RFID system from Barcotec for archiving and borrowing approx. 300,000 documents.

ASFINAG is an Austrian infrastructure company and is responsible for the planning, expansion, maintenance, financing and operation of the Austrian motorway and motorway network.

Say goodbye to paperwork

The Technical Inventory Data Management (TBV) group, positioned within the ASFINAG service company and headed by the project manager, manages around 20 archive locations throughout Austria and offers a contact & service point within ASFINAG for all aspects of inventory data management.

All important documents relating to the construction and operation of the ASFINAG network are archived and managed in paper form, among other things, in order to be able to retrieve all information for future construction projects and renovations at any time, in addition to the ongoing documentation.

The available documents are roughly categorised into two areas: On the one hand, there are those documents that are of interest for the management of ongoing operations and therefore have a high borrowing frequency. The second area includes all documents that have to be kept by law or whose borrowing frequency is correspondingly lower.

A complete digitisation of all inventory data has already been examined, but due to the abundance and the fact that only parts of the documents are needed, this is not sensible and cost-saving to realise. Digitisation is always carried out in small steps for the documents that are actually currently needed.

ASFINAG Application
ASFINAG Application
ASFINAG historical plans

Quick access

After a call for tenders, TBV found a solution with Barcotec: All documents (folders, plan folders, plan rolls, etc.) are provided with high-frequency RFID tags in order to capture them when they are borrowed and returned with the modular WorkaboutPro terminal. When a borrowing request is made, a ticket is opened, the staff of the two TBV inventory data centres research the desired documents in the captured pool of inventory data and send a borrowing slip to the requesting person.

Depending on the project and the use of the documents, the duration of the loan can vary greatly. This makes it all the more important to trace the borrowed data in a targeted and orderly manner. By means of this borrowing slip, the corresponding documents can then be borrowed from the responsible archivist at the respective archive location.

The archivists are equipped with the mobile handheld devices from Barcotec and can thus both view the corresponding ticket information on site and carry out the borrowing with the support of the system.

17 WorkaboutPro mobile RFID devices, portable mobile computers with an integrated high-frequency RFID module, score points for their high performance and a backlit touchscreen display with exceptionally good readability. The terminals are handy, flexible and easy to operate.

Via the two ASFINAG inventory data centres, around 2,670 ASFINAG employees and also external persons involved in any construction projects have access to the relevant archive content and information. With the Barcotec solution, each document can be borrowed easily, quickly and traceably at any time through the inventory data centres.

Nowadays, old inventory documents are increasingly needed in the course of renovation and maintenance. Good and functioning knowledge management is therefore a top priority for us and we see it as an important instrument of our service for employees and customers. Barcotec supports us with their innovative RFID system to meet this requirement. The joint solution is consistent, reliable and error-free.
Project Manager ASFINAG