Successful digitalization at Buratti thanks to Barcotec: Italian delights in the age of technology

Buratti GmbH
Lower Austria
Technologies used
Mobile Computer, MDM
Devices used
Denso BHT-M70

Buratti GmbH, a renowned importer and wholesaler of Italian products, has taken a significant step towards efficiency and digitalization. Thanks to the strategic cooperation with Barcotec GmbH, the company was able to equip its warehouse with modern mobile data collection, which not only optimized internal processes, but also further increased the quality of the services offered and the level of service.

Buratti GmbH has firmly established itself on the Austrian market for Italian delicacies by importing high-quality products directly from the best wine and food regions in Italy. The company attaches great importance to authenticity and quality, which is why it is constantly striving to improve its operational processes and optimize customer service.


The partnership with Barcotec GmbH: digital transformation in warehouse management

In collaboration with Barcotec, Buratti GmbH has taken its warehouse management to a new level. The company now relies on mobile data capture technologies and mCloud mobile device management, which make it possible to efficiently control and monitor all warehouse processes. This includes not only the tracking of goods movements, but also inventory, stock control and order processing.  

Advantages of digitalization for Buratti GmbH:

Advantages of digitalization for Buratti GmbH:
Automated data capture minimizes manual intervention and thus reduces sources of error. For example, if the wrong product is picked, this is now noticed immediately and can be corrected straight away. Goods receipt and stocktaking were also previously carried out manually and confirmed later in the office - thanks to the new system, there is a time saving of around 30 percent.

This leads to a significant increase in efficiency throughout warehouse logistics and provides a transparent overview of all relevant processes.


Real-time overview
Thanks to mobile data collection in combination with mobile device management from Barcotec, Buratti GmbH can track the current status of its devices in the warehouse in real time. Updates and various settings can be rolled out centrally at the touch of a button.

Faster order processing
Digitalization enables Buratti GmbH to process orders faster and manage customer orders more efficiently. This leads to greater customer satisfaction and improves the company's competitive position.

Optimization of supply chains
The improved visibility and traceability of products enables more precise supply chain planning. This helps to avoid bottlenecks and shorten delivery times.

The technology not only enables us to work more efficiently, but also to increase the quality of our service.
Managing Director Buratti GmbH

Outlook: Italian quality meets technological progress

With this digitalization measure, Buratti GmbH is positioning itself as a pioneer in the industry and underlining its commitment to the highest quality and customer satisfaction.

"In the ever-changing business world, it is crucial for us to combine tradition and innovation in order to always offer our customers the best. The collaboration with Barcotec and the integration of mobile data capture and MDM into our warehouse processes marks a milestone in our digital transformation. At Buratti, we continue to stand for tradition, quality and authenticity - and now also for a modern, future-oriented service," says the Managing Director.

The collaboration with Barcotec GmbH illustrates how innovative technologies can successfully lead traditional industries into the future. Customers of Buratti GmbH can therefore look forward not only to first-class Italian products, but also to an efficient and modern service that reflects a love of detail and technology in equal measure.