The agricultural mail order market leader FAIE relies on our software easyMITS

Regau, Upper Austria
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Faie has been successful in the mail order business for agricultural supplies for 50 years and has Europe's most extensive mail order programme in this field. A 2,000 m² specialist store is operated at the Regau location. In addition to many years of experience, customer service is also part of the recipe for success. Many of the 60 employees themselves come from the agricultural sector and are therefore on hand to assist customers with sound specialist knowledge.

Data capture with the Denso BHT-1100 from the fork-lift

The product range with over 30,000 articles is versatile: from equipment and machines to animal husbandry and forestry articles to workshop equipment, the assortment is wide-ranging. It is indispensable to accurately capture every item in the incoming goods department, for storage, transfer and inventory.

Automatic data capture

Whereas in the past slips of paper and lists were used to capture goods bookings by hand and post them later, this now works automatically by scanning, with the Denso BHT1100 data capture device.

The data capture device with the angled scanner head allows FAIE employees to always look at the display during the entire data capture process in order to provide work-relevant data.

BARCOTEC's "easyMITS" software solution serves as an interface to transfer data directly into the system and generate database checks, which in turn are required by the user at the point of capture. This enables a media-free exchange of data.

The more than 30,000 items are also precisely captured in the shop

Faie's project manager sums up the biggest advantage of the new system: "With the BARCOTEC solution, the articles are captured up to date and automatically booked into the system. As a result, the goods are available according to the recording and are immediately available for sale." The warehouse value could be reduced as well as the capital commitment. Time savings and error prevention are further positive side effects.

Free weekends

The decisive factor for the change in the procedure was the stocktaking in the beginning: Previously, it was "locked" from Friday to Sunday in order to carry out a stocktaking on a list basis and very intensive handling. This required people with forklift driving licences and a good knowledge of goods in a limited period of time for the entire handling.

Now, with "easyMITS", a permanent stocktaking is carried out and the stocktaking is continuously distributed over the entire business year.

Easy fabric inspection with Denso BHT-1100 and easyMITS software

Quick start

The initial inhibition to work with a mobile data capture device was quickly overcome: "Scanning with the mobile data capture device BHT1100 is very easy and was quickly learned by our employees", the project manager of Faie is satisfied.

He explains why BARCOTEC was chosen as a partner: "BARCOTEC is a renowned company with a good reputation on the market and the technical competence of the sales department was also convincing.