Efficiency and service at the touch of a button

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Efficiency and service at the touch of a button

Frigologo Food Logistics is considered one of the largest full-service providers in temperature-controlled food logistics in Central and Eastern Europe and offers comprehensive services in transport, warehousing, merchandise management and value-added services.

Frigolo employees with mobile computer
The clear display shows all relevant information at a glance. A label can then be created immediately at the touch of a button.

The cross-docking processes must be handled quickly and, above all, efficiently in the cold storage warehouse. In a dynamic, chaotic warehouse, information about where which product is, in which quantity and weight, is of the highest priority. So are the respective expiry dates of the products. The goods are delivered to the warehouse early in the morning and loaded again in the afternoon, with an average throughput time of four to six hours.

During order picking, the individual items are put together individually on the basis of the individual orders and quickly delivered. All relevant information can be read on the clear screens of the Falcon X3 mobile devices and then a label can be created for it at the touch of a button.

Frigolo employees with mobile computer
Without training, the new Falcon X3s were accepted by the staff and recognised as a fully-fledged tool.

With the Falcon X3 from Datalogic and BHT-1100 from Denso, the ideal data collection devices could be selected for warehouse logistics applications in the freezer area: The low temperatures in the deep-freeze warehouse cannot harm the robust devices: up to - 20 degrees Celsius are no problem in operation, whereby the full range is not yet exhausted, because Barcotec also offers devices down to - 30 degrees C.

At Frigologo, the respective batteries last the entire work shift and even longer scanning distances from the forklift truck are overcome with the mobile terminals.

Frigolo employee on forklift with mobile computer
Even greater distances can be covered from the forklift and the codes scanned in seconds.

The initial 40 units were increased to 80, which are now in use at 3 locations in Austria. No training was necessary for the newly acquired devices, and after a very short time they were recognised and appreciated as fully-fledged "tools".

The employees are really proud to be able to work with modern mobile terminals. "In the meantime, it is impossible to imagine the company without them," the IT manager sums up. "The traceability of the goods guarantees the highest quality for the customers and as their reliable partner we can offer great security.