GOURMET relies on a radio data transmission solution from Barcotec for order picking

Vienna and St. Pölten
Technologies used
Barcodes and Connectivity Software
Devices used
Mobile Computers and Barcode Scanners

The GOURMETGROUP, based in St. Pölten and Vienna, relies on a radio data transmission solution from Barcotec for order picking, including customised holders for the deep-freeze area at -18 degrees C.

Florian Bell, logistics manager at GOURMETGROUP, explains why GOURMETGROUP chose "easyMITS": "We wanted a way that could be implemented quickly, Barcotec understood us, the concept convinced us and we didn't want to intervene in the ERP system."

Gourmet employee with barcode scanner

"We had a few concrete ideas at the beginning, but these have grown daily in the implementation process. Our market and the requirements of our customers are constantly evolving," Bell continues. In Barcotec they found an accurate partner and in the standard software "easyMITS" a flexible solution, which supports the ongoing changes in the market and customer requirements.

"easyMITS" is a software suite that was specially developed by BARCOTEC to expand existing IT systems (ERP systems, merchandise management systems) in the shortest possible time to include the entire functional area of "mobile data capture". Under the motto "Rapid Producing", the solution can be used within a very short time without lengthy concept and programming lead times. This increases the productivity of the solution on the one hand and the implementation costs on the other.

In addition to the hardware and software for order picking, GOURMETGROUP also uses radio scanners and printers from Barcotec. In Gourmet's frozen food area, the Barcotec devices ensure 1.75 million scans per year. Thanks to the innovative, semi-hand-free solution and the scanning of the EAN128 barcode, the source of errors in order picking is clearly and noticeably minimised.

Mobile computer in mount

Barcotec has also developed its own holder for the roll containers in the frozen food sector, which is a semi-hand-free solution. Here, a handy, small radio scanner sends barcode data to the terminal, which is mounted on the roll container. In addition, the mobile terminal has an integrated barcode scanner.

Alexander Rainsberger, Managing Director of BARCOTEC, explains: "Our service department aims to provide our customers with an individual solution at the highest level and in direct accordance with their needs. For example, we call on the services of professionals when it comes to the production of additional equipment such as holders, carrying cases or transport aids. In the end, the user of a mobile data collection solution should be able to work well and with pleasure with the system, so that the highest possible productivity is achieved.