Herba Chemosan customers walk safely into the 2D future

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Herba Chemosan customers walk safely into the 2D future

It is not yet mandatory, but soon it could be: 2D codes in the pharmaceutical industry. Companies will then be obliged by law to integrate information regarding shelf life and batch number into the codes.

Herba Chemosan employee with mobile computer

In the merchandise management systems of pharmacies and hospitals, fast operational processes and delivery capability are a must. Especially when the products that are ordered in the morning are not only already delivered to the pharmacist at lunchtime, but also go over the (pharmacy) counter again.

Therefore, the IT service department of Herba Chemosan, "Sanodat", was looking for an equally dynamic partner. And they found one in Barcotec. For three years, they have already been "future-proofed" with 2D-capable data collection devices.

Denso's mobile terminals, which are distributed by Barcotec, are in use for an average of 15-17 years. "Our customer relies on using equipment with a long lifespan," says the Sanodat team, adding "The staff also quickly understand the system. There are very few questions about the equipment on the hotline that we run in-house."

Denso BHT-800

In practice, the Denso BHT-800 data collection devices are used, among other things, for the legally required key date inventory and also for orders in pharmacies. The latter is precisely checked by means of a target/actual comparison with the delivery note. The reorder is generated by the merchandise management system as an order proposal as soon as the quantity falls below a specified minimum quantity.

"The goods are accepted electronically, whereby the customer not only saves time but also countless slips of paper and errors are avoided," Michael Hofstätter, Sales Manager of Barcotec, is pleased to say.

With the choice of different coloured LEDs, buzzer and vibration function, the reading confirmation can be visual, haptic or acoustic - depending on the environmental conditions.

Herba Chemosan's customers are therefore not only well equipped in the present, but also ready for the future.