weinwelt.at Online Shop Warehouse in Loosdorf with Barcotec Equipment

Loosdorf, Austria
Technologies used
Devices used
Wearable scanners, mobile computers and built-in scanners

In the warehouse of the INTERSPAR online shop weinwelt.at in the logistics centre in Loosdorf, up to 2,500 orders are processed daily with mobile terminals, scanners and printers from Barcotec. The finest wines, spices and high-end beverages (champagne etc.) are stored on a storage area of 3,200 m2. This has been done to cope with the 64% increase in online orders, and 20 additional employees have also been taken on.

SPAR Weinwelt Mitarbeiterin mit Handrücken-Scanner

Innovative technologies and fully digitalised solutions

Thanks to the use of state-of-the-art technologies from Barcotec, the implementation of a new warehousing system and the increased space of 3,200 m2, 2,500 orders can now be dispatched daily. That is eight times as many orders as was previously possible.

Fast order pickingIn order to increase the delivery speed and to streamline logistics processes even further, hand back scanners are used in addition to mobile terminals from the manufacturer DENSO. These have the effect of eliminating the need to put the device away and pick it up, which results in significant time savings.

Free your handsIn concrete terms, the mobile terminal is attached to the picking trolley and placed in a stable holder so that the employee has a good view of the upcoming picking positions. Barcotec has also contributed years of expertise to the development of a suitable holder and has developed a solution for SPAR. The employees can thus move the picking trolley with both hands, access the storage locations and complete the scan confirmation with the back of the hand scanner. On the display of the mobile terminal from the manufacturer DENSO, a picture of the correct wine bottle is shown in addition to the written information for confirmation. This enables a double check for correctness. The back of the hand scanners are well accepted by the employees and are worn with pleasure.

Datalogic Magellan

Inspection at dispatch

The married orders (number linked to order number and container) are captured again at goods issue with a stationary cube scanner. This is also where the decision is made as to whether the goods will then be sent via post, dpd or for internal delivery to the branch. The continuous increase in the number of online orders shows that the efficiency of the system is confirmed and customers are satisfied with the delivery quality.