Charming prospects for Palmers warehouse employees

Vösendorf, Lower Austria
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Charming prospects for Palmers warehouse employees

Palmers is considered an innovation leader in the lingerie sector and a traditional Austrian brand. As the clear market leader with over 200 locations in Austria and another 15 countries, its success is based on the factors of product, customer proximity and advice.

Since the very beginning, Palmers' high and replenishment warehouse has been located on the well-known and highly visible company premises in Vösendorf, Lower Austria, near the southern motorway. When the warehouses were redesigned many years ago, the company switched from paper delivery notes with continuous paper to data transmission with radio.

After the first order picking devices had become outdated and somewhat unwieldy, Palmers, together with BARCOTEC as a partner, looked around for new hardware.

The requirements were obvious - the devices should have an easy-to-read display, be light in weight and intuitive to operate. The employees were involved in the selection process and several devices were tested in the warehouse before the decision was made in favour of the "Barcode Handy Terminals BHT-1300" from DENSO.

The training phase went quickly, and the good readability of the display in colour was of great importance. This significant improvement increased productivity in the warehouse enormously.

During the changeover phase, the Palmers warehouse staff were able to continue working without interruption, the goods were delivered on time and the processes never came to a standstill.

Alexander Rainsberger, Managing Director of Barcotec, comments: "Palmers has been a showcase customer of Barcotec for many years. The conversion to paperless warehousing has already brought about considerable productivity benefits. With the new, more contemporary hardware, a natural evolutionary improvement is achieved."

Denso BHT-1300

Top performance in compact form