Device management at Rexel with MDM solution from Barcotec

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Mobile Device Management
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Mobile terminals

Rexel, the leading French wholesaler in electrical wholesale with over 37 locations worldwide and over 400,000 items in its portfolio, uses Barcotec's Unified Endpoint Management for the administration, management and support of its mobile terminals in Austria.

Rexel warehouse

Remote Support

Managing mobile terminals with different operating systems from different generations is currently a particular challenge for many companies - due on the one hand to the shortage of skilled IT staff, and on the other hand to the fact that many devices have to be manually processed and initially installed. For companies with different locations in different countries, the support of regional support staff also plays an important role. The buzzword for this is "remote support".

The requirement for the project was to simplify support for all parties involved. Before the project, it was always the case that our colleagues had to be helped manually on site. Alternatively, colleagues from their area of activity had to come to our office.
Head of Process and Facility Management, Application and IT Support at Rexel Austria

This represented a high effort and a lot of time was lost on all sides. Further requirements - such as online access to the devices, online updates, full manageability of the hardware as well as an inventory list for the allocation of devices per department - completed the catalogue of requirements. In the run-up to the project, several discussions were held with suppliers and then it was possible to enter into a closer evaluation with Barcotec, a partner Rexel already considered trustworthy.

Data Treasure Austria

The UEM solution "mCloud" from Barcotec covered all of Rexel's requirements. The fact that it is also hosted and operated in Austria coincided with Rexel's security requirements. In June 2021, "mCloud" was added to the list of "Ö-Cloud" participants of the Federal Ministry for Digitalisation, an initiative of Digital Austria that aims to protect Austria's data treasure in order to maintain the country's innovative strength, higher competitiveness and better resistance to crises. A self-assessment on provider transparency, security, data centre operation, operational processes, applications (such as IaaS, PaaS, SaaS) was completed. Further certifications will follow this year.

Barcotec mCloud

Everyday life becomes easier

However, security aspects are not noticeable in daily work, which is why the solution also had to convince operationally. "The switch from Windows to Android alone posed a few hurdles due to our old system. However, mCloud enabled us to break new ground with these old devices as well, namely to lock and protect these devices as well. Since we currently manage not only the central warehouse in Weißkirchen, but also the warehouse in Vienna and an external warehouse in Wels, the system is ideal for such a large area."

The Head of Process and Facility Management describes the greatest benefits as shorter support times, direct support when errors occur, better and faster response options with and through support from the Barcotec MDM team, as well as the easy-to-implement inventory management. Quantitatively, the time savings play a major role; further effects have resulted in ongoing operations through the increase in quality and improvement in response times.