A solution that Rieder is building on!

Maishofen, Salzburg and Kolbermoor, Bavaria
Technologies used
Barcodes & Software easyMITS
Devices used
Mobile Computers, Label printers

A solution that Rieder is building on!

The Salzburg-based Betonwerk Rieder Group with headquarters in Maishofen and the German Rieder Faserbeton Elemente GmbH in Kolbermoor have recently started using an innovative data collection solution and robust mobile data collection devices from Barcotec to improve the flow of goods.

All beginnings are ... easy

For more than 50 years, the Rieder Group has been producing precast concrete elements for building construction and civil engineering or for road construction and landscaping at six different production sites. The Rieder concrete plant in the province of Salzburg is firmly anchored among the European leaders, above all due to its ongoing innovations in the fields of noise protection, traffic safety and architectural concrete. The company accompanies its customers with customised special products from planning to completion.

In order to make warehouse and production processes even better and more efficient with the help of mobile data capture and to increase data timeliness and data quality, Rieder evaluated solutions and partners for the implementation of these ambitious goals.

"Our requirements were basically simple," says the head of the IT department at Rieder. "We wanted to move away from handwritten capture to end-to-end electronic processes with instant feedback into our inventory management system!" He adds, "I was looking for a competent partner close to me and a flexible system that would also provide me with appropriate future security for new requirements. A rigidly programmed solution was therefore out of the question for me!"

After examining several providers and concepts, Rieder decided on Barcotec and their in-house standard software "easyMITS". "The simplicity and openness of the system convinced me. Within a few hours, the first processes were ready for live operation - really easy!" he reports enthusiastically.

AHA experiences included

Thanks to "easyMITS", Rieder was able to go live within a month without lengthy and cost-intensive requirement specification and workshop phases and thus benefit immediately from the investment. "Everything went as planned right from the start. A real AHA experience was the inventory, which was done in only 3 to 4 hours instead of 2 to 3 days before. We were all thrilled!" says the project manager. This also made the initial scepticism of the warehouse staff towards the new "helpers" disappear - it is now impossible to imagine the warehouse without the mobile devices.

Rieder Shelf Label
Rieder easyMITS-Screen
Rieder Project managers

For the data collection devices, the decision was made in favour of the Datalogic Kyman. "Barcotec advised us very well," says the IT manager, convinced that he had chosen the right hardware, adding: "Our forklift drivers no longer have to get off the truck, but can scan the pallet positions from the driver's cab. That's a real productivity gain!" The robustness of the device was also a decisive criterion for Rieder. With the industrial protection class IP-64 protection, the device fulfils all the requirements for the toughest logistics use; even falls from 1.8m onto concrete are no problem for the Kyman. The permitted operating temperatures of up to minus 20 degrees Celsius also permit outdoor use.

No wish remains unfulfilled - even in the future

The "easyMITS" software solution is the centrepiece of an overall project at Rieder. In addition to the mobile terminals and the connection software, the project also included WLAN components of the Proxim brand and high-performance label printers from Citizen.

Rieder started using the solution in Germany. After only three months, "easyMITS" and the mobile terminals were also in use in Salzburg due to the positive experiences. The IT manager explains: "The system allows for flexible extensions and new processes - without any programming effort. So it was only logical to use this solution in Maishofen as well!"

In the course of this, the system was also updated to the "easyMITS" version 2.9. "The new version was a convincing step forward - being able to move the masks freely and change colours and text sizes now gives us even more creative freedom!" he is satisfied, "but the most important thing is that the system runs 100% stable and has never failed!"

But the IT specialist does not see himself at the end of his optimisations by any means. "After the first trial phase of the new systems in our house, there are still many more areas that can be improved." Even a deployment in Saudi Arabia is being considered. "In the course of a major project in Riyadh, we will probably handle site management via the system," he says of the flexibility gained and the possibilities with "easyMITS".

The right choice

"It was important for me to get everything from a single source," the project manager explains his decision in favour of Barcotec and adds: "and to find a partner who will also stand by me after the purchase!" After more than six months of cooperation, he sums up with satisfaction: "The support is very good. I always have the feeling that it is important to the respective Barcotec employee to find a solution quickly. I can't afford to wait days for answers, so I particularly appreciate that!"

When asked about his project decision, the IT professional is visibly satisfied: "Barcotec has become a reliable partner for me that I would recommend without reservation - and the system anyway!"