Today for tomorrow: Barcotec and Schmidt's share credo for sustainability

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Vorarlberg wholesaler SCHMIDT'S relies on BARCOTEC barcode mobile terminals for optimal warehouse management

The Vorarlberg-based company SCHMIDT'S is one of the leading full-range suppliers in the hardware, construction, trade and civil engineering sectors. The product range extends from tools to work clothing and fastening technology.

"Offering products and services today that can still be relied on tomorrow" has been the maxim of SCHMIDT's for over 125 years, which is a commonality with BARCOTEC. Also in this specific case, because with the manufacturer "Denso" and their barcode mobile terminals - which Barcotec sells and installs - there are consistently positive empirical values. The extremely robust devices are faithful companions in all data capture processes, and have been for many years.

Schmitd's employee with mobile computer

The company has been working paperless for almost 10 years: More than 45,000 articles are captured with master data and assigned to a corresponding storage location. The Denso BHT-700 and BHT-1200 devices from BARCOTEC are used for mobile data capture. One of the advantages of this is that during order picking, a suggestion automatically appears on the display as to which warehouse the product can be retrieved from.

The open-air warehouse is also connected to the system and the items can be captured effortlessly with the barcode mobile terminals even in strong sunlight. The devices can also withstand temperatures from -20 to +50°C and survive falls from 1.5 metres without damage.

The processes of mobile data capture have been successively extended to: Goods receipt, stock transfer and shelf support in the shops.

Schmitd's employee with mobile computer

When asked about the benefits of using the BHT-1200, there is a clear answer: excellent scanning and battery performance. The workflow is thus efficient and continuous, the time savings enormous. The company thus avoids not only idle time, but also unnecessary errors. In short: a system is used that can still be relied on tomorrow.

The IT team at Schmidts sums up the advantages: "We are very satisfied with the devices and the cooperation with BARCOTEC, as we were well looked after at every point of the project. As far as working with the barcode mobile terminals is concerned - you can't do without them today."