Barcotec sweetens the inventory for Schokothek

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Schokothek is a "one-stop-shop" for fresh confectionery and gift creations with unique non-food combinations such as soft toys, artificial flowers, glass/metal vases, etc.  Since the beginning of the year, SCHOKOTHEK has been using mobile data capture devices from BARCOTEC for inventory.

Schokothek Managing Director Horant Woschitz and employee

Horant Woschitz, Managing Director of SCHOKOTHEK, explains: "Schokothek creative gifts are more durable and individual than many other traditional gifts. Our handmade combinations always include decorative pieces/home accessories that are reused after the confectionery has been consumed. Double effect, so to speak - plus: the bearer remains in positive memory for longer."

For example, the Schokothek megastore offers a wide variety of seasonal gift creations alongside brand islands such as "Zotter", "Manner" or "Haribo". 

"Our corporate customer service allows us to put together individual packages at the customer's request, also according to thematic focuses. For example, we recently made packages à la "Belgium", which contained sparkling wine, chocolates and goodies from that country. For the customer, this was a successful motivation package as an employee incentive," Woschitz recounts from his "sweet" everyday life.

Due to the large variety of products, Schokothek wanted to simplify inventory and automate the manual counting of goods. 

Woschitz continues: "We had already attached a barcode label to each shelf location. The inventory sets from BARCOTEC ultimately made it very easy for us to get started." 

Mobile Computer

In the Schokothek branches from Amstetten to Wr. Neustadt, all goods are registered with barcodes.

The mobile terminal "Memor" is used, which scored points due to its small size, the associated ergonomics and the excellent price/performance ratio. The colour screen allows for good readability and the large keys for easy data entry.

In conclusion, Woschitz comments succinctly on the cooperation with Barcotec: "Great company, great performance. I was anxious to place this sensitive, precision-requiring topic in proven hands. With Ms. Hagenauer and her BARCOTEC team, I've come to the right place.