Vorarlberg-based cycling manufacturer Simplon expands with enterprise mobility solution from Barcotec

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Vorarlberg-based cycling manufacturer Simplon expands with enterprise mobility solution from Barcotec

Simplon Fahrrad GmbH, Vorarlberg-based manufacturer of premium bicycles sold worldwide since 1961, continues its maxim of always wanting to develop further, also in the area of technology. For example, an enterprise mobility solution from Barcotec implemented in Lockdown helps to map the increasing demand for bicycles even more qualitatively.

When Josef Hämmerle had the idea 60 years ago in Hard on Lake Constance to start a bicycle production with the best technology of the time, an Austrian success story was to be founded. He took as his godfather the Swiss Alpine pass "Simplon" as a brand name. And the commitment to the best technology has remained true to this day, because also in the selection of a solution for the capture and identification of production and logistics data, they chose a good established Austrian partner: Barcotec.

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Strong increase in cyclingCycling is generally enjoying ever greater popularity. Already in 2019, almost 420,000 bicycles were sold in Austria, and the trend continued to rise strongly in 2020. 170,000 of these were produced in Austria, with 2019 already being the year with the highest production since records began. Demand for e-bikes continues unabated, and here again the strong increase in demand of 23 % for e-mountain bikes stands out in particular (source: Statista.com). Simplon's aluminium and carbon bikes are particularly popular with sports racing cyclists, mountain bikers, e-bike enthusiasts and trekking riders.

Technology in material and design ... and capture

In order to better guarantee the individual production - a Simplon bike is always unique - in the high-quality composition, Barcotec was approached in March 2020, i.e. at the beginning of the lockdown, with the requirement to automate the production and logistics processes. The topic of traceability was at the top of the list for supply chain manager Andreas Clausen, especially for exports and the obligation to provide proof. A solution was sought that, connected to SAP, would raise current optimisation potentials, but still be future-proof for further expansion. The connectivity software "easyMITS" offered the ideal conditions to start with goods receipt and inventory.

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Video project work at it's finest

As on-site appointments were no longer possible from the beginning of March, all project work was carried out online and remotely. Only the selection of hardware was done on site, with Barcotec presenting Simplon with a suitable selection of devices. The Denso BHT 1700 met the exact specifications for Simplon's application. The handiness of the device, the buttons and also the weight tipped the scales in favour of the selection.

In combination with "easyMITS", Simplon was able to carry out the first inventory - the kick-start of the project, so to speak - in a very short time and successfully start with Enterprise Mobility. Clausen comments: "The successful start of the solution has shown us that we have chosen the right partner in Barcotec." A further expansion in the direction of goods movement and production is planned for 2021.

We are experiencing increased demand from bicycle producers, as the rising trend towards bicycles is in line with the zeitgeist. How well and smoothly the implementation of a project also works remotely surprised and pleased us ourselves. In any case, we will also use our experience from the bicycle sector for other projects.
Manuela Hagenauer, MBA (Management Barcotec)

Denso BHT-1700

Large screen and easy-to-grip keyboard