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Test-Fuchs, supplier for aerospace, invests in mobile data acquisition devices and the software "easyMITS" from Barcotec.

The Lower Austrian company Test-Fuchs manufactures test systems and components for the international aerospace industry. To achieve the high quality standards in aerospace, the company is now supported by mobile data acquisition devices and the software "easyMITS" from Barcotec.

Test-Fuchs employee with mobile computer

For 64 years, the Lower Austrian company Test-Fuchs has been designing, planning and building test facilities and components for the aircraft industry. In addition to stationary systems, the company also manufactures mobile systems for the testing and maintenance of civil and military aircraft worldwide, as well as numerous components for space travel. A current example is the European launch vehicle ARIANE 5, for whose space programme Test-Fuchs supplied components.

Since maximum safety must be ensured in the air, very strict quality specifications prevail in this industry. The great success of Test-Fuchs is certainly also due to its constant compliance with these. True to its motto "Quality on the ground - safety in the air", the company operates according to the strictest guidelines in its production process.

It is in the nature of things that achieving these requires certain efforts. With the solution from Barcotec, Test-Fuchs has now found a proven and successful system for optimising processes and minimising expenses.

Everything done with just a few scansTest-Fuchs has pallet warehouses as well as warehouse lifts and flow racks for storing a large number of individual parts. To complete an order, for example the production of a device for testing the electrical system of a jet, the corresponding parts are taken from the warehouses and assembled into the finished system in the production hall. To do this, the individual parts must be booked out of the warehouse or added to the order, parts that are not needed later must be booked back into the warehouse, and the reservation of certain components must also be made.

Test-Fuchs employees with mobile computer

In the past, manual lists were used here, which were then transferred to the Famac ERP system at a later date. This had two sources of error: Writing errors when manually entering the lists and typing errors when transferring them into the ERP system. In addition, due to the quality guidelines, the traceability of all parts plays a very important role. So not only nine-digit article numbers and quantities, but also long batch numbers have to be entered.

The error rate has reduced enormously, at the same time we have reduced the effort and also increased the data quality. With a few scans, everything is done today, the system is a great asset for us!
Rudolf Hauer, Head of Logistics Test-Fuchs

With the new mobile data capture devices "Falcon" and the software "easyMITS" from Barcotec, the sources of errors are now minimised, as no more typing errors can happen with a simple scan of the barcode on the item. In addition, the data is transferred directly to the ERP system via wireless LAN, which means that typing errors on the PC are no longer an issue. The administrative effort of manual lists and their entry into the system is also completely eliminated, which means an enormous time saving.

The easy life with easyMITSWith the connectivity software "easyMITS Production", Test-Fuchs has finally found the right thing after disappointments with other systems. This is the successful standard software from Barcotec that runs on mobile data collection terminals and can send scanned data from there to any ERP or database system. The IT manager at Test-Fuchs is more than satisfied: "The "easyMITS" interface is very intuitive and easy to use. We were afraid our staff might reject the new system, but it is so practical and user-friendly that we have had only positive feedback from the very beginning! And for us in IT, "easyMITS" is a dream anyway!"

Test Fuchs employees with mobile computer

The reason for the enthusiasm is as simple as it is effective: as standard software, "easyMITS Production" already comes with standardised, i.e. ready-prepared processes. For example, Test-Fuchs received the standard process "stock transfer" from Barcotec, ready for immediate use, in which the fields material number, quantity, or warehouse and storage location, among others, can be entered on the mobile terminal.

But Test-Fuchs decided to change this mask in order to adapt the specifications perfectly to the company. For this purpose, Barcotec had supplied the so-called configurator. In the configurator, all existing processes can be easily changed by Test-Fuchs itself, or new processes can be added, which ensures optimal adaptation to the needs of the company - without programming knowledge or external help.

"The configurator is so simple and self-explanatory," the IT manager is pleased to say, "after a short training session by Barcotec, we were able to create and change processes on our own very quickly, which we did with pleasure! And should we ever have a question, Barcotec is always available for us by phone."

An important point for Test-Fuchs was also the connection to the ERP system. The scanned data should be immediately visible in the Famac merchandise management system. "The connection to Famac was easy," says the IT manager with a satisfied smile, "and it works perfectly. In the past we had already had negative experiences, we always had to scroll, move the window around or even switch to be able to see the complete user interface and work with it. With "easyMITS", the displays can be shown perfectly, the interface looks the way we want it to look, and you can see everything at a glance - optimal, and without having to have much IT knowledge!"

Test-Fuchs has also already thought about the future. It was essential that "easyMITS" could also work with other ERP systems. "This gives us the flexibility we need if we switch to a new ERP or database system one day. "easyMITS" works no matter with which ERP system, which gives us great future and investment security.

Test Fox employee with mobile computer

Test operation with consequencesFor the mobile devices, the choice fell on the "Falcon" from the manufacturer Datalogic. The high level of robustness was a decisive criterion, as was the possibility to scan from greater distances. Many scans are made from the forklift, which automatically results in greater distances between the scanner and the barcode.


During the evaluation phase, Test-Fuchs was able to try out everything using test devices, an important criterion for Hauer: "Barcotec granted us a relatively long trial phase to test the devices and the software. This allowed us to find out what is really best for our company. We originally had another device in mind, but in the test, the "Falcon" simply convinced us; after that, we knew that this was the right one for us!"

"Yes, and through the test operation of "easyMITS", the display size of the device was suddenly no longer decisive," adds Meller, "because "easyMITS" also runs extremely user-friendly on smaller displays - booking online very easily with mobile terminals is only possible with "easyMITS", and no other solution!"

Smart solution suits us!After the test phase, the decision was made very quickly. "It has to be easyMITS, such a clever solution simply suits us test foxes!" smiles the IT manager.


For Test-Fuchs it was important to get a complete solution from one source to avoid incompatibilities. "We have come to know Barcotec as very competent and reliable. We didn't have to waste any thought on whether the system would work with its individual components, Barcotec took care of all that for us," the IT manager is pleased , "and now that we are working with the new system everything works perfectly - in short: we are more than happy!"