Zgonc optimises warehouse and shop processes with hardware and software from Barcotec

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The Austrian retail chain Zgonc is one of the top players among the specialist markets for tools, machines, construction and garden equipment. In order to optimise processes in the shop and warehouse and to minimise paperwork, a solution from Barcotec was successfully implemented.

The aim was to optimise goods movement processes in order to save time and to be able to deploy employees even more efficiently than before, for example in goods receiving: up to now, several manual processes were still necessary here, which harboured potential for errors. An improvement was expected from a solution using barcode automation. With the BHT-800 (Barcode Handy Terminal) from Barcotec, the data is now captured and stored by only one person via scan.

Zgonc employee with mobile computer

Shared valuesZgonc and Barcotec share a motto: price, quality and performance must be in harmony. The high price sensitivity became clear in the desire to be able to do the programming themselves, as they wanted to further develop and expand the system as they saw fit.


Michael Hofstätter, sales representative at Barcotec, therefore recommended the BHT-800 from the manufacturer Denso, as it is not only downward compatible with existing software, but also easily customisable with the help of BHT-OS Basic, a programming language similar to Basic.

The positive effects of the new solution became apparent quickly after it went into operation: Noticeably fewer errors when transferring data and a significantly shorter data entry period. Employee acceptance was so high that the solution could quickly be expanded to 6-7 processes.

The hardware of the BHT-800 scores with its long battery life, the stability of the operating system and the robustness of the housing. With almost 100 units, the failure rate is zero. The scanning performance of the image barcode scanner and the fact that the device is available and booted at the touch of a button were further advantages. If a scan is successful, there are three ways to make this noticeable: the optical display with colour and graphics, the acoustic signal and the vibration function.

Zgonc employee with mobile computer
Unnecessary work eliminated with C5With barcode terminals in use in over 21 branches in Austria, it often took weeks to replace programmes, update and configure. As barcode terminals are used in more than 21 branches in Austria, it often took weeks to replace programmes, carry out updates and complete configurations.

Barcotec also had a solution for Zgonc: C5, a management suite with 5 tools for the operation and remote maintenance of mobile data collection devices.

This means that the BHTs do not have to be sent in, but can be configured remotely, quickly and easily at the touch of a button.

Zgonc employee with mobile computer

Software developers and project managers from Zgonc agree: "We felt well advised by BARCOTEC at all times and also supported sustainably during the implementation. They had an open ear for our questions in every phase of the project."

Michael Hofstätter, sales representative at BARCOTEC, adds: "It is important for us to stand by our customers beyond the conclusion of the sale and to support them if necessary - we can ensure this because we have our own software and technical staff who understand their trade."

"It's not for nothing that Barcotec has been around for more than 25 years, there's nothing to grumble about," Hofstätter says with a wink.