Advantages of barcodes

The benefits of barcode automation and mobile data capture

The use of mobile terminals for goods identification with the help of barcode technology is one of the most important optimisation measures that production, industrial and retail companies can implement.

In general, 4 concrete advantages can be identified:

Reduce errors

It is obvious that reading a long number and writing it down again is much more error-prone than fully automatic reading with an optical reading system. Barcode scanners read a barcode correctly or not at all. The built-in algorithm takes care of this. This means that reading errors are suddenly reduced to zero.

Increase transparency

Increase transparency

Would you like to know who in the warehouse has processed which order and when, whether it has already been completed or not yet taken over? Transparency creates customer benefit, because information to customers about delivery times creates competitive advantages. Mobile barcode scanners with online connection (W-Lan or mobile radio) help you to achieve this transparency, as every employee is integrated into the company network like a stationary user. This gives you full information about current events at the touch of a button.

Shorten processing time

Paper and pencil processes take time because the information is "frozen" at the time of capture on paper. The scribbles on the paper are usually entered into the merchandise management system much later and thus a lot of time passes. If the goods movements are entered immediately in the online terminal, the booking is made promptly in the merchandise management system and delivery notes, shipping documents and invoices can thus be created as quickly as possible.

Increase quality
Increase quality

Incorrect deliveries not only create unnecessary follow-up costs internally, they also destroy customers' trust in the company and make additional checks necessary. The large trading companies, for example, rank their suppliers according to their delivery quality. In wholesale, it is even the case that wrong goods are sent back on delivery or the new award is charged for. Your delivery quality is crucial for your competitiveness and an indispensable criterion for stable business relationships.

ERP systems and connection

The basis for the use of barcode systems is always an enterprise resource planning or ERP system in which the company's master data is managed and maintained. The information in the mobile terminals is only as good as the actual article master data. It is not the aim of mobile data capture solutions to establish a dual merchandise management system. Rather, the focus is on the smooth and correct cooperation of mobile terminals, the intermediary connection software and the existing merchandise management system.

Barcotec has therefore developed the easyMITS connection software so that customers can quickly and efficiently connect mobile barcode readers to their ERP system without a lot of effort, workshops or high costs. You do not even need Barcotec's manpower for this, but can - if an IT-savvy employee is available - carry out the implementation yourself and adapted to the internal requirements and circumstances.

Of course, the Barcotec team is also available for implementation support or complete implementation carried out by us. In most cases, customers concentrate on new processes after the start-up phase and tackle further savings potential.