Cleaning barcode scanners correctly

Of course, Auto-ID devices must not be left out of the thorough cleaning of work equipment. For use in sensitive areas, we offer special models that can also withstand strong disinfectants.

Datalogic Gryphon 4500 Cleaning

Remove dirt and dust

Soft microfiber cloths (like eyeglass cleaning cloths) are suitable for easy cleaning of virtually all electronic devices. Slightly moistened, you can use them to quickly remove dirt and debris from both the casing and displays. Cotton swabs are suitable as a supplement for entrances and hard-to-reach recesses. Or special cleaning clay, which even safely removes deposits in loudspeakers. Devices with a correspondingly high IP protection class can also be cleaned of coarse dirt under running water without hesitation.

Superficially clean does not mean germ-free, of course. After cleaning with water, disinfectants are used to destroy bacteria, viruses and fungi.

Zebra ET40 Cleaning

Thorough disinfection

In disinfection, it is not only the protection against the penetration of liquids that plays a role; the surface materials are also decisive. Only certain plastics can be permanently cleaned with disinfectants without becoming brittle and cracked.

If aggressive agents are used, the manufacturer's specifications must always be observed. Only tested disinfectants protect the warranty and prevent damage to the equipment. The agents must not be mixed, otherwise undesirable chemical reactions may occur.

The disinfectant must never be sprayed directly onto the device. As with normal cleaning, microfiber cloths moistened with the agent are recommended. Alternatively, disposable cloths already treated with disinfectant are also suitable. With both methods, care must be taken to ensure that the specified drying or exposure time is observed, as the agents only develop their full effect after some time.

Manufacturer information on disinfection