Simply wash away labels

The water-soluble labels

Barcotec has added water-soluble labels to its range of labels for barcode printers. Printing and applying these special labels works just like a classic paper label, but when it comes into contact with water, for example when a plastic canister is washed down with water, the label dissolves in seconds.

Washable labels

This means that even very strong adhesive laminates can be washed off with cold, neutral water within very short washing cycles without leaving any residue. 

Temporary labelling of beverage crates, reusable transport containers made of glass, plastic or metal, high-quality household articles or laboratory containers is now possible with this new development and the containers are no longer damaged by the labels coming off with the help of chemicals or mechanical abrasion.

BCT-Label 3200

BCT-Label 3200 is an adhesive label material consisting of a completely water-soluble pressure-sensitive adhesive and a water-soluble label paper. The dissolving of the label paper within seconds favours the dissolving of the water-soluble pressure-sensitive adhesive. As a result, even very strong adhesive bonds are washed off without residue within very short washing cycles, even with cold, neutral water. The reusable containers are no longer damaged by the mechanical removal of label residues and the use of aggressive solvents. The water solubility of the BCT-Label 3200 is so excellent that the filter screens are not soiled by residues. The labels are suitable for almost all common printing processes and have very good adhesive properties on metals, glass, paper and plastic surfaces.

Application areas

Beverage crates
Reusable transport containers made of glass, plastic or metal
High-quality household articles  
Laboratory containers
Reset samples in the food industry. The label complies with FDA 175.105 - indirect food contact.