With VT emulations into the graphic data acquisition world

More user-friendly and state of the art

Are you one of those people who operate mobile terminals in logistics and production in your companies based on terminal emulations?

And you are wondering how your screens look on the new, professional Android capture devices?

Then we have good news for you: with our new BHT 1600/1700 and 1800 models, we offer you a simple, fast and secure migration path.


With emulation software tested by us, your existing screens (DEC VT220/420, VT320/340, TN5250 and VT102 terminals) become more user-friendly and state-of-the-art. 

The app we use for this is suitable for various mainframes, such as IBM AS400/iSeries, IBM AIX, UNIX, Linux and Bull Servers. For this purpose, the existing TCP/IP protocols are simply used for communication with the host.

Request one of the new Android-based handheld terminals today, we will provide you with the emulation app free of charge for the duration of the trial. 

Contact our sales department today!