Your path to digital evolution

Digitise, but how?

For 30 years, we have been supplying the Austrian economy with professional hardware, software and services with a single goal: to give you a competitive edge through the use of technological tools. This can be achieved by automating analogue work steps.

The path to digital evolution can be divided into 3 decisive steps, which are deliberately chosen in their order:

1. Auto-ID

The first step is the correct, unambiguous labelling of your goods and merchandise. Regardless of whether you are just starting this journey or want to further perfect your existing identification methods. With the help of barcodes, 2D barcodes or RFID, every part of your assortment becomes unique.

2. Mobile Devices

Building on this is the logical second step - selecting the right devices for your professional capture. The now correctly labelled goods now want to be captured with a device that achieves the highest possible productivity for the respective application. You can choose from a wide range of industrial handheld terminals, selected tablets or robust phones from international market leaders. The devices we offer have been validated by us for industrial use.

3. Services

The third and final step is the provision of the appropriate software, service and operational support: Here you can access a wide range of (software) innovations from our company as well as our local service centres. Depending on your needs, when and for how long you want. Whether it's just for implementation or for ongoing operation, you decide what you need from us. Completely flexible.

This means that we are always at your side as specialists during evaluation, introduction, integration and operation.

This is appreciated by our customers, whom we have often had the privilege of supporting for decades, as well as by our partners and, of course, our employees, who are committed to serving you every day with a professional matter of course.