Stationary RFID readers

Modern stationary RFID readers can read hundreds of tags within a very short time, for example to detect products as they pass by. Transmitted in real time to higher-level IT systems, such as an ERP, a wide variety of processes can be automatically monitored and controlled.

Stationary RFID Reader Application

The application possibilities are diverse: from process control of individual machines, to recording the entire flow of goods, to reliable access control. The compact design of the RFID readers and antennas enables flexible integration into existing structures, inside and outside. In combination with mobile RFID readers and barcode scanners, solutions can be created that make all crucial processes in the company more efficient and transparent.

Barcotec works exclusively with leading manufacturers such as Feig and Zebra, which ensures the reliable operation of the system for many years.

Stationary readers

Stationary readers

Using integrated or external antennas, these high-performance devices detect RFID tags from over 10 meters away. Protected by robust housings and equipped with high computing power, such stationary RFID readers are ideal for applications with high reading frequencies. They can be used to quickly and securely detect individually tagged products, raw materials in containers, and even vehicles. For example, installed as a "gate" at a neuralgic point for picking and sequencing, the RFID reader detects all tagged objects without stopping or waiting.

Desktop RFID Readers

Desktop RFID Readers

The compact desktop RFID readers are ideal for picking stations, issuing points and the POS. Installed on or even invisibly under the tabletop, they can be used to conveniently capture individual RFID tags. The desktop readers are connected directly to a PC via USB and are thus quickly and easily ready for use. Adjustable reading ranges and interference-free operation of multiple devices in close proximity ensure accurate and reliable detection.

RFID module application

RFID modules

Completely individual solutions are also possible with RFID technology. The small RFID reader modules and antennas can be integrated directly into devices, furniture or installations. Autonomous systems with edge computers are just as possible as centrally controlled units. One example of the implementation possibilities with RFID reader modules is the intelligent refrigerator for our customer SanLucar.

Based on our decades of experience with RFID projects in a wide range of industries and sectors, our experts can offer you valid support geared towards implementation success.

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