Zebra TC53 & TC58
Zebra TC53 & TC58 Front view
Lighter and more robust, ideal for use in demanding environments
Lightning-fast work and crystal-clear communication
Reliable capture of 1D and 2D codes even from greater distances
Time-of-Flight sensor for innovative applications
Numerous accessory options for targeted expansion of functionality

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Latest hardware for the next step

With the latest hardware and design, the TC53 and TC58 mobile computers offer Zebra's strongest mobile performance yet. Not only can they speed up existing business processes, they also enable entirely new ways of doing things.

Using new composite materials and manufacturing methods, the Zebra TC53/TC58 is even lighter and thinner than previous models - and even more rugged at the same time. This makes the mobile computer ideally suited for more demanding indoor environments and outdoor use, such as in logistics, warehousing and retail. Designed for optimal performance, the Zebra TC53/TC58 features powerful processors and memory, as well as the latest wireless technologies, such as Wi-Fi 6E and 5G (model TC58). With this hardware equipment, modern applications can be used without delays or interruptions. On the 6-inch screen, even more extensive information is visible at a glance, without scrolling or zooming.

1D and 2D codes can be read with the Zebra TC53/TC58 optionally also from greater distances, the newly developed intelligent focus allows lightning-fast changes between near and far detection. State-of-the-art technologies expand the range of applications beyond previous possibilities: using the special time-of-flight sensor, packages can be measured precisely within a very short time. Blurry photos and shaky videos are a thing of the past with the integrated image stabilization and high-quality cameras. And GPS, gyro sensor and altimeter improve location accuracy, for precise navigation. The dedicated push-to-talk button makes it easy to communicate quickly with colleagues via Wi-Fi.

With the numerous accessory options, the functionality of the Zebra TC53/TC58 can be specifically expanded: From use as a flexible desktop replacement, monitor, keyboard and printer are permanently connected to the working station docking station, to use as a wearable, with ergonomic arm mount and wireless headset. Wireless charging and precise battery monitoring for failure-free use are also optionally available.

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Optional accessories

1-fold docking station (device + spare battery)

4+4 docking station (4 devices + 4 spare batteries)

5-fold docking station

4-fold battery charging station

Workstation docking station

Various batteries

Various power and connection cables

Various vehicle mounts (opt. wireless charging)

Various headsets (wired and wireless)

Various wearable arm mounts

Stylus pen

Handle with electronic trigger


Rubber Boot

Item image available

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