Zebra MC9300
Zebra MC9300 Front view
Powerful hardware with numerous customisation options for individual requirements
Optimal performance even with demanding apps and applications
Extremely robust, deep-freeze model can be used down to -30 °C
Warranty for operating system upgrades up to version Android 14
Optimised battery management and extended Wi-Fi features

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Powerful mobile computer with future-proof software

The Zebra MC9300 combines particularly powerful hardware with future-proof software. The extremely robust mobile computers are available with numerous scan engine and keyboard variants and can thus be perfectly adapted to your requirements.

Up-to-date processors and memory ensure optimal performance, even the most demanding apps and applications can be operated without delays and loading times. Either directly on the 4.3-inch screen or with the up to 58-key keyboard. The ergonomic gungrip provides a secure grip in all situations.

The variants at a glance
Scan engines
  • 1D Standard Range Laser Scanner
  • 1D/2D Standard Range Imager (omnidirectional)
  • Direct Part Mark (DPM) imager
  • Extended Range Imager (reading range up to 21.3 m)
  • 29 keys, numeric/calculation
  • 34 keys, numeric/functions
  • 43 keys, numeric/functions
  • 53 keys, alpha-numeric
  • 58 keys, alpha-numeric
  • Can be used at temperatures as low as -30 °C
  • Insensitive to temperature changes thanks to integrated heating elements
  • Heated scanner glass for optimum reading performance
Future-proof software

The modern hardware platform of the Zebra MC9300 guarantees operating system upgrades up to the version Android R, thus innovations and security updates are secured for the next years.
Optionally, our Mobile Device Management solutions extend the already existing setting and control options, optimal for the management of a larger number of devices.

Part of the innovative Zebra Mobility DNA software package is battery management, which ensures long battery life even with fast charging (90% charge in 4 hours).  Advanced Wi-Fi features ensure uninterrupted switching between Wi-Fi access points and superior voice quality.

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Optional accessories

1 & 4-fold docking station

4 & 16-fold battery charging station

Hip bag

Protective cover

Hand strap

Carrying straps

Vehicle mount



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