Read invisible barcodes at record speed

Another innovation is on the horizon in the field of automatic identification. After the introduction of the QR code by the Japanese company DENSO (Toyota Group) a few years ago, which made it possible to encode a large amount of information on a small area, barcodes are now becoming invisible.

The invisible Digimarc code leads to a speed turbo due to its large-area, invisible attachment to the checkout counter.

The new Digimarc codes from the American company "Digimarc" are encoded on the basis of watermarks, which give the manufacturers of retail products the possibility to apply the barcode invisibly. In many cases, this is done over the entire available surface of the product, which in turn results in manifold advantages when used at the point of sale.

The GS1 code is applied invisibly to the entire surface and can be read by special digimarc readers. (Printed here in black ink for visualisation).

Digimarc Codes Application

Speed up the checkout process

The Digimarc barcode contains the unique, international item identification number (GTIN - Global Trade Item Number), which is usually contained in an EAN code licensed from GS1.

A major advantage of Digimarc is that it shortens the checkout process at the till. This is made possible because both checkout staff and end customers (at self-checkout) can carry out the handling process much more easily. The checkout staff do not have to search for a barcode on the product and position it correctly, but can hold the product up to the scanner from any direction. This leads to shorter waiting times for customers at the checkout, greatly improved customer satisfaction and even saves the retailer money.

This already leads to the Guinness Book of Records: With an impressive 48.15 seconds, a new speed record was broken, for which 50 items were scanned with the Magellan 9800i from Datalogic. The stopped time was 48.15 seconds - beating the old record of 123.14 seconds by 75 seconds.

The cashier can hold the product up to the scanner from any direction.

Shoppers Experience

With the Digimarc barcode, every product becomes interactive, because with Digimarc every product can offer more in terms of additional product information, special offers, recommendations, access to social networks and much more than before.

For consumers, Digimarc labelling offers significant advantages in the shopping experience. Any user of a mobile device with a camera (commercially available smartphones) can point the camera at the Digimarc sign using the app and thus receive more information: Coupons, product information, offers, recommendations/reviews, recipes and much more. The connection to social media channels and thus the involvement of the customer is also possible in a direct way.

Through the cooperation with GS1, the international standardisation company, the Digimarc code is enabled for all processes within a functional value chain.

Digimarc readers are now available from BARCOTEC, the Austrian specialist for barcode automation and RFID.

Like a barcode carpet, the invisible digimarc covers the surface of the product. In the back the original product, in the front the visualisation model.