NIS2: Cyber Trust Austria® label for secure collaboration with Barcotec

Cybersecurity has always been a top priority at Barcotec. With the entry into force of the NIS2 directive, we have had our ongoing efforts confirmed by an independent, external body.

Cyber Trust Austria Silver Label for Barcotec

The Cyber Trust Austria Silver Label, which was developed by the Kompetenzzentrum Sicheres Österreich in cooperation with the Cyber Risk Advisory Board and KSV1870, confirms that Barcotec has taken appropriate technical and organizational security precautions. These measures range from the use of strong passwords and ongoing monitoring of our IT systems to regular information and training of the team by qualified persons.

In line with the NIS2 directive, we thus minimize the risk of damage from cyber attacks and the resulting outages. In this way, we not only protect ourselves, but above all our customers and partners.