Operable at -70 °C

Thanks to AI-controlled heating

Until now, people in our latitudes had no feeling for temperatures as low as minus 70 degrees Celsius or any idea of how low this temperature could be. With the new Corona vaccine and its need for cooling, this awareness has changed.

M3 Mobile UL20F

In many cold stores in Austria, people are busy moving goods at minus 30 °C, for example to store frozen products, to pick them again and thus to maintain the cold chain of the product. It is obvious that in these places, with paw-like gloves for employee protection, picking slips with ballpoint pens cannot be used.

Some manufacturers with special device series serve these special requirements. For example, the manufacturer M3 Mobile recently launched a device that can withstand operating temperatures of up to minus 70 degrees. This operation is guaranteed by its own heating system integrated into the inside of the housing. The temperature change from very cold temperatures to plus degrees can lead to condensation in the device and a foggy display, but the heating system also solves this problem.

And as special as these devices are, they are easy to integrate into an existing IT environment. Because the M3 Mobile UL20F has an Android operating system and can therefore use common apps and also be integrated into a mobile device management landscape.

Ask our sales department for a test device! You will be surprised how handy such a device can be.