RealWear One app for quick video calls

Video calls on RealWear data glasses are now quick and easy via smartphone with the new One app. Available for Android and iOS, the app and its use are free of charge.


    Setup made easy, even on the move

    RealWear One enables lightning-fast installation of RealWear data glasses. A QR code scan is all it takes to configure the device, connect and get started straight away.

    Remote keyboard
    Text input, like magic

    Speed up text entry on RealWear devices. The remote keyboard lets you log into apps or enter text without having to speak. Your cell phone becomes a keyboard - the text appears immediately on your data glasses.

    Real-time video sharing
    Share your view, in real-time

    The real-time video sharing function allows you to have your hands free during a video call. Simply tap on "Start call" in the app and the RealWear device joins in. The meeting link can be easily shared with your contacts and you can start working.


    New firmware versions are available for optimal use of the app: Upgrade instructions

    Discover more possibilities

    Our software partners naturally offer professional solutions for more than a simple video call. You can find an overview in the RealWear App Marketplace.